Common numerical control woodworking machinery classification summary

by:Gewinn     2020-04-14
Speaking of numerical control woodworking machinery believe that everybody is very familiar with, it is necessary product in wood processing factory now, how so many numerical control woodworking machinery is classified? Below small make up to introduce. 1, cutting class, major equipment are: disk saw, belt longitudinal sawing saws, single chip, chip saw, push Taiwan saw, cutting saw, double-headed saws, etc. 2, rotary cut class, the main equipment are: a card rotary cutter, no rotary cutting machine, wood peeling machine, etc. 3, lathe, ordinary lathe, copying lathe, back knife lathe, CNC lathe, etc. 4, planer, including ordinary flat plane, oblique mouth flat plane, automatic flat plane, etc. 5, milling machine, vertical milling, vertical ornamental engraving and milling machine, hanging ornamental engraving machine, pneumatic hoisting ornamental engraving machine, trimming machine, double-headed milling, comb, tenon machine, CNC engraving machine, etc. 6, sanding, ordinary sand machine, vertical lie sand sand machine, vibration machine, sand machine, sanding machine, heavy sanding machine, primer sanding machine, elevated sanding machine, sanding machine, disc sanding machine, sanding machine, etc. 7, drilling, vertical bench drill, horizontal bench drill, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, vertical porous drilling, single special hinge drill, platoon drill, drill, etc. 8 and the kind of pressure agglutination, cold press, hot press, pneumatic machine, hydraulic machine, electric group group installed, lead, jointing machine, coating machine, etc. 9 and the kind of surface treatment, stick machine, edge banding machine, hot transfering printing machine, vacuum laminating machine, etc. 10, paint coating, a primer sanding machine, coating machine, electrostatic sprayer, roller coating machine, UV dryer, shower curtain machine, dust removal machine, belt line, paint boxes, etc. Have class 11, wood processing, wood moisture to dry machine, wood machine, filling machine, wood moisture meter, etc. Above is the common classification of numerical control woodworking machinery, the hope can help you.
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