Common ordinary wood lathe application profile

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Now ordinary wood lathe application is not very common, big manufacturers are in use woodworking CNC lathe, but does not mean that the lathe is no use, and now woodworking CNC lathe is according to the ordinary wood lathe modification. Let's learn about the wood lathe based. Rotation from woodworking tool processing timber surface or on the surface of the complex shape woodworking machine. Wood lathe is divided into ordinary wood lathe, copying wood lathe and round bar machine, etc. 1. Ordinary wood lathe workpiece clamping within the chuck, and bearing in the spindle or make rotation movement between the two top tail frame, FIG. 1) 。 Tool is installed on the tool carrier, driven by slip board box for longitudinal or transverse feed movement, also can be motivated to hand-held tool on the brackets. Ordinary cylindrical wood lathe is used for car, car face ( See the turning) , grooving and boring, See boring) Such as processing. 2. Copy wood lathe profiling ( See profiling machine) Parallel to the workpiece installation, modeling can be stationary or constant speed rotation and artifacts. Tool controlled by the modeling for the transverse feed, longitudinal feed by tool carriage driving. This machine has a vertical and horizontal, uniaxial and multiaxial, used for machining the incense burner legs of furniture, rifle gunstocks complex surface shape. 3. Machine with two pairs of feed roller compaction of round square wood to make the longitudinal feed ( FIG. 2) , hollow spindle with high-speed rotation of the cutting tools, wood through the hollow spindle is cutting round rods. These wood lathe are made generated after hundreds of years of play, step by step, now turned into woodworking CNC lathe. Hope these contents to be of service, also welcome other content of focusing on our site.
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