Common wood sanding machine fault and how to eliminate

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
Woodworking sander a kaleidoscope of processing technology, is very complex, in the process of the operation and use of whoever it is difficult to achieve smooth sailing, always meet this kind of problem, but as a qualified operators encounter problems need to be able to timely analysis the reason and solve, this article will focus on daily processing of woodworking sander do share some problems and the reasons and solutions, the purpose is to deepen the understanding you. 1, sanding the product effect is not standard deduction: check the abrasive belt with specifications and technology of processing the same once again confirm the processing speed of feeding is reasonable, is there appear too fast or too slow. View the abrasive belt wear whether there is a serious condition 2, sanding the surface of a product have abnormal texture appear this kind of situation is the first need to check the motion of the abrasive belt whether there are abnormal, if there is no abnormal so you need to do is to test abrasive belt wear whether there is a serious condition, if both of the view are no problem should look for sand plate, so this time whether to look at the paint is dry. Stop check. View the sand belt is in good condition, sand on whether there is sundry, if there are clear and timely. 3, woodworking sander platform in anomaly detection conveyor belt whether there is a problem, some eliminate hidden danger in time. Detection on both sides of the abrasive belt wear away the phenomenon of whether there is a rugged, reasonable adjustment, test plate, the height are the same, whether is the board itself is flat. If the building materials more than a few problems are not the cause of abnormal platform, then more is the adjustment screws for the woodworking sander platform, in this way to make leveling.
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