Companies to install automatic polishing machine several matters needing attention

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
General customers both in the automatic polishing machine selection is still a device are very seriously, because these all affect the use of polishing machine in the future. Today is summed up some experiences for us to see the plant personnel. 1. Primary requirements of comprehensive analysis device address of soil pressure, water level conditions, etc. , will demand satisfaction polishing machine device using demand talent enough to conclude that device. 2. Device polishing machine as far as possible to the ground in cleaning the clean, prevent the machine from gear very not easy to clean. 3. Device to prevent the high voltage transmission lines, to prevent interference on electronic polishing machine. 4. Demand has the independent power supply, prevent Shared with other high-power electrical appliances. 5 polishing machine device demand relatively broad device, have meet the operating space is very important. 6. More rain, moisture, salt device such as a regional polishing machine will not ordinary mud, or you need to consider many problems such as ventilation and drainage. 7. Device polishing machine may not be the device on the tuyere, otherwise in the wind, polishing machine can't work very well. In fact, the polishing machine device location selection is very important, as long as the correct selection device address, talents to ensure the using life of polishing machine.
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