company fined €300k for health and safety breaches in relation to corrib worker\'s death

by:Gewinn     2019-09-10
A German civil engineering company was fined 300,000 euros after admitting two violations of health and safety legislation, regarding the death of a German man who worked at the Corrib gas tunnel in comayo on 2013.
Las Wagner was killed in a work accident in 2013.
He has been working on a tunnel digging machine. TBM)
This is used to build an underground passage that delivers gas from the Corrib field to the onshore processing terminal. The 4.
The 2 km-long tunnel is the last factor in Shell E & P Ireland\'s long-standing efforts to bring gas to the Bellanaboy terminal.
Castlebar Circuit Criminal Court heard the case of Mr. Wagner\'s serious head injury and death on the spot, when the connection joint on the pipe failed and attacked him on the morning of September 8, 2013, the representative of wayss and Freytag Ingerieurbaun AG acknowledged two violations of safety, health and welfare in the work legislation.
The first cost involves maintenance while the boring machine is still running.
The second allegation relates to a breach of statutory obligations concerning the safety of workers.
Mr. Wagner is a mechanical engineer who is an employee of Herrenknecht AG, which produces tunnel rigs.
It was purchased by Wayss and Freytag in a joint venture with BAM Civil Limited, which was contracted to build the tunnel under sruwadacon Bay in north Mayo.
Mr. Wagner was in Ireland to deal with the hydraulic system problem on the equipment.
On the morning of the incident, after detecting the oil spill, he was working in the gear room of the boring machine.
Health and Safety inspector Greg Murphy told the court that Mr. Wagner had been working indoors because the boring machine was moving forward when the connection joint on the high pressure pipe had failed.
At the time, the engineer seemed to work next to the joint and suffered a fatal head injury after a surge in pressure on the production line.
Mr. Murphy said that the surge appeared to have been caused by the blockage of the flushing valve, but he said that the exact cause of the incident had not yet been determined.
The court heard that the specific guidelines for the construction project stipulated that the tunnel rig should not carry out maintenance work at the time of operation, which is in line with the safety in the workplace legislation.
Brendan Grahan SC of the state told Judge Rory McCabe that Wayss and Freytag failed to ensure that Mr. Wagner stopped this boring machine while doing the work that morning.
Defense lawyer Remi Farrell noted that the boring machine had stopped the scheduled time in the first two weeks of maintenance work.
There was some discussion about the nature of the work that was going on at the time of the incident, but Judge Rory McCabe said that the accident occurred because the defendant did not perform his duties.
He said that the machine should be stopped when Mr Wagner was working, and he said that death could be avoided if that happened.
Judge McCabe said there was a communication failure at the time.
No one told the machine operator that Mr Wagner was in the gear room.
He imposed a fine of 200,000 euros on the first charge and another fine of 100,000 euros.
A fee of € 22,636 was also paid to Wayss and Freytag.
Wagner\'s parents and his sister set out from the Black Forest area of Germany this morning to appear in court today\'s lawsuit.
They did not comment after the verdict.
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