Competitive and sustainable Spanish machine tool industry

by:Gewinn     2022-04-29
According to Mr. José Ignacio Torrecilla, President of the Spanish Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (AFM), Spain's manufacturing industry has rich experience in the application field of the automobile industry and can provide a large number of solutions for the world's largest automobile manufacturers. 'We were able to adapt quickly to the new material, and the level of acceleration for the new product was very satisfactory.' At the same time, the aerospace industry has become a very important and rapidly growing market for the machine tool industry. Manufacturers and accessories companies in the aerospace industry have a soft spot for Spanish machine tools, accessories, parts, and tools. Other increasingly important markets include the manufacture of means of production and metal mechanical products, power generation (especially wind) and railways. The future development potential of these fields is considerable. In addition to many years of experience in design and manufacturing, Spanish machine tools have several competitive advantages: flexibility, the ability to adapt products to the specific needs of each customer, field, and application environment; ability to improve productivity, return on investment , and a broad and complete product line. Internationalization Due to its strong competitive advantage, 80% of Spanish machine tools are exported to the international market. At the same time, the Spanish machine tool industry also participated in major international trade fairs. In 2012, the output value of the Spanish machine tool industry reached 8.32 billion euros. Exports in 2013 are expected to increase by 8.52% to 7.541 billion euros. Technological innovation The Spanish machine tool industry is good at technological innovation and spends an average of 5% of its turnover on Ru0026D and innovation, so it has a prominent position in the industry. The machine tool industry provides production solutions and equipment for major industries to help them increase their productivity and competitiveness. This industry is a driving force for technological progress and is necessary in production automation and thus has a strategic position. AFM - Integrating industry potential The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Machine Tools, Accessories, Components and Tools (AFM) represents 136 companies. These companies represent 90% of Spanish specialist machine tool and advanced manufacturing technology companies. The association is headquartered in San Sebastian, Spain, with offices in Tianjin, China and Bangalore, India. The association aims to promote the internationalization and technological innovation of member companies. The Association provides support to companies through its subordinate technical department, the Machine Tool Research Fund (INVEMA), mainly through close cooperation with its research and development department to promote technological development and improve industrial management. The Association organizes the Machine Tools and Manufacturing Technologies Congress every two years to exchange advanced manufacturing technologies and promote their application in the production process. AFM is a member of the European Association of Machine Tool and Cutting Tool Manufacturers, and also hosts the Biennale of Machine Tools (BIEMH) in partnership with the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC). As the main representative of the Spanish machine tool industry, AFM pays special attention to its relations with European and Spanish governments and organizations. AFM founded the Institute of Machine Tools (IMH). It is a benchmark institution in the field of vocational training in Spain and a secondary college under the University of the Basque Country. Appearance at China International Machine Tool Exhibition As always, the Spanish Machine Tool, Accessories, Parts, and Tool Enterprises Association will organize a grand delegation to participate in the China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2013) in Beijing. In particular, 22 companies will exhibit their most important technological innovations at this exhibition. The 22 companies are: AUTOPULIT, BOST Machine Tool Co., Ltd., DANOBAT GROUP, DENN, DIVIPREC, ETXE-TAR, FAGOR AUTOMATION, GAMOR, Husillos Ipiranga, IBARMIA, INTEGI, Juaristi, KENDU, KORTA, LANTEK, NICOLÁS CORREA ), ONA ELECTROEROSIÓN, Shuton., SIDEPALSA, TECNOSPIRO, ZAYER and AFM. The total exhibition area of u200bu200bthese companies will reach 1,655 square meters.
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