Conservation could match automatic polishing machine polishing robot

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
Conservation of automatic polishing machine can than polishing robot polishing process of _ easy to deal with a lot of conservation are automatic polishing machine can burnish the robot _ easy to deal with a lot of polishing process, we are careful. Conservation of automatic polishing machine = polishing robot system, polishing robot can be widely used in the clutter on curved surface polishing operation, for example, aviation blades, turbine blades, turbine blades, windmill blades, titanium alloy artificial joints, fittings, all processing technology such as digital home appliances and office accessories, yes workpiece surface quality get big progress. Conservation of polishing robot used in all kinds of flat, square, rectangular plane hardware products such as grinding, polishing. Platform work platform, the product layout polishing processing, can be customized job rotation, custom size. In addition, the conservation of its flexibility than polishing robot polishing robot, but the productivity and investment value is significantly higher than robots. Nc rotary disc polishing function together to handle different polishing process, drawing on the different assignments.
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