Cool the wood lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
General mechanical equipment in the workplace can often appear high temperature condition, if you don't take timely measures to meet such a situation, is likely to produce equipment damage. Numerical control woodworking lathe is the same, if there is a high temperature, continue to use there will be a failure occurs, even lead to equipment can't continue to use. Then when we need to take certain measures, to cool the equipment for processing. Can be in the process of the whole processing of cutting, according to the law of conservation of nature, woodworking CNC lathe into by cutting material deformation energy, thus this process produces a lot of heat. Can separate the machine processing, some external equipment parts, machine is fully cooling, especially motor, gearbox, hydraulic equipment, etc. As well as improve the frictional characteristics, the same friction also produces heat, how to say some easy friction to machine parts for sufficient lubrication, so as to reduce the generation of heat. In the process of cooling, can be appropriate to join a cooling device, auxiliary heat release. For example, in the top of the body for forced cooling of the cooling operation. And in the winter can also heat treatment at the bottom of the machine, so that the temperature of the whole machine balance, so that can guarantee the machine not deformation problems, because of the difference in temperature. Finally for the matter of the machine body, relative to a good structure both in production and processing or heat dissipation problems above are very important factors, at the same temperature conditions, so he has a good lathe structure of heat will be better than poor structure. According to the data of a lot of study adopts double column structure of symmetric heated vertical diffusion, other direction deformation is small. No matter what equipment, all want to get everything ready, nip in the bud, to the best possible guarantee normal operation of the equipment. More information can be in our website.
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