Correct understanding of woodworking machinery CNC lathe and using methods

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Woodworking CNC lathe believe everyone know, but how do you know the correct way to use? Woodworking CNC lathe actually there are many safety problems in use process, we only have good use it the correct way to use it safety, below is how small make up of the safe use of woodworking CNC lathe, as well as the related knowledge of woodworking lathe. Let's take a look at together. A, the classification and features of the woodworking CNC lathe numerical control woodworking machine can have different classified from different angles. Different from the principle of the servo system can be divided into open loop and closed loop and half closed loop control system, according to control the number of coordinates at the same time, can be divided into two, three, four, five coordinate, according to the tool post structure can be divided into side-by-side and turret, according to the knife shaft work position can be divided into vertical and horizontal, according to the spindle number of single, double, multi-axis, etc. , according to the points in the frame structure of single arm type and door type. Science and technology constantly developing, new technology, new materials, new technology constantly emerging. Electronic technology, numerical control technology, laser technology, microwave technology and the development of high pressure jet technology, to the furniture machinery automation, flexibility, intelligence and integration has brought new vigor, make the woodworking CNC lathe and a growing variety of technical level enhances unceasingly. Combined the development trend has the following several aspects: ( 1) Improve the comprehensive utilization of wood. ( 2) Improve production efficiency and automation. ( 3) Improve the machining accuracy. ( 4) Application of high and new technology. ( 5) The development of flexible, integrated processing manufacturing system. ( 6) Safe pollution-free processing production system. Second, woodworking CNC lathe operation of the three requirements: first of all, we are operating machinery and equipment, to check the mechanical equipment of various devices and the workpiece is normal. We should put the workpiece clamping and plunger top tight, then use both hands to turn the test run, after final confirmation of all normal, can drive a car. We will also according to the hard and soft wood parts, to choose suitable feed rate and rotational speed adjustment. Second, mechanical equipment in the process of turning, operators must not can use hand to touch to check the smoothness of the workpiece. When use sand paper burnish, should first after you remove will rest again. Machinery rotation, we must not can use the hand brake. In the end, we are processing of wood, if it is a square timber, we must first after processing into the shape of a cylinder with mechanical equipment for processing. If there is a knot in the wood, or there is a crack of wood, a certain cutting machinery and equipment cannot be used. Three, wooden bed the right operation method 1 bus. In the numerical control lathe is for the sake of safety operation. Should wear the right clothes, forbidden to wear shorts, forbidden to wear slippers. Female colleagues should not be allowed to wear skirts, if the hair is longer should be set up, in the process of operation don't wear loose clothes, gloves operation is not allowed. 2. When loading or other actions need to stop machine. 3. Before using numerical control lathe should check all power cables are in good condition, there is no overvoltage, undervoltage phenomenon appeared. 4. At run time to ensure that mechanical fixed clamping workpiece, ensure all operations are safe to run. 5. Numerical control lathe work in progress, the operator shall not leave, if you find bugs or machine performance is not stable, should immediately broken power supply, and then to do a good job of detecting faults, confirm there is no problem after the boot operation. 6. Operation of machine tool control panel is: can not wet hand, or have the oil. CNC lathe error can be caused, causing accident. 7. Operators use the equipment should have the cutting tools, measuring tool and tidy up the materials and other items, to ensure the orderly work, do not fuss. And to do a good job cleaning of all equipments and daily maintenance work. 8. To keep around the CNC lathe work environment, after every time all need to be clear in the workplace, and a day to check equipment done. And record the data. Above is the correct understanding about woodworking CNC lathe all knowledge and method of use, hope you can after watching the above for woodworking CNC lathe and its using method has a certain understanding.
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