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by:Gewinn     2019-08-18
Kolkata: tunnel drilling machine (TBM)
It seems that it has aroused the illusion of occupants on both sides of the building of the SN Banerjee Road, as they have begun to receive notice from the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC)
In order to facilitate the engineers of Kolkata metro company to conduct a detailed photographic investigation of unsafe buildings along the route.
Residents, occupants and traders on both sides of the road are all curious about the monster known as the TBM
This will crawl under their buildings and place sections one by one at the same time to build the entire tunnel without changing the road above.
How big is the machine?
Will we feel the noise and vibration of the surface?
The engineers who visited the site faced such problems.
But under such curiosity, the underlying tension is brewing.
\"What is the fate of my reconstruction plan?
We want more than one.
There are multi-storey buildings here. screens.
Will KMC allow after the tunnel is completed?
Asked Santu Batabyal, manager of the elite cinema hall.
He was a little relieved when he was told the tunnel would run 10
Floor below ground level.
The common problem faced by engineers visiting the house is: \"Can you take us to a tunnel? ”.
When they were told they would visit the tunnel while taking the train, they were visibly frustrated.
\"Is there any certainty about my survival before the project is completed?
Ram Lakhan Singh, a resident of the future Nani Chamber of Commerce, said.
He claimed to have shares in the project.
\"The tunnel is under my house and I can\'t see it. Mazak hain (Is this a joke)?
The spice trader in his 70 s said.
Abingash batacharya, a resident of an old house, was anxious.
\"The house has collapsed.
You will probably find us under the debris that passes through the back of the TBM below.
\"The engineer assured him that he would be moved to a safer place when the TBM moved under his house.
Villaral, Rick who owns a warehouse-
The building is also comprehensive.
The iconic Anadi Cottage is also located in the same building.
\"We hope that the Metropolitan will take adequate measures to avoid the collapse of the building,\" said Lal . \".
KMRC officials say the durability of buildings is usually improved after grouting.
\"During and after the passage of the tunnel, jet pressure grouting is carried out on the ground around the foundation.
\"This has produced good results in strengthening the building foundation,\" said an engineer . \".
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