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by:Gewinn     2020-06-07
Lim wing hooi wrote that focusing on a dedicated market segment has taught entrepreneur Goh Ban Ann to value his clients.
For AC Meca Sdn Bhd co-
The 41-year-old founder and director of Goh Ban Ann, whose work philosophy is to provide quality services to customers.
His company produces digital control of computers (CNC)
Equipment, established in 2002.
Goh proudly announced: \"We are still here to serve the machines we built and sold 12 years ago.
\"It looks like he has the right formula just to make sure his clients get top service.
Goh\'s company starts with providing customers with CNC cutting needs.
The tricky thing about AC Meca, however, is that it serves a very professional customer base.
His customer base in more than 40 companies comes from carton manufacturing, making boxes for food and beverages (F&B)
Semiconductor industry.
This puts AC Meca in an unstable position because it has the risk of losing these customers in a recession.
\"If the catering sector and the semiconductor industry are not doing well, box makers will be affected, which in turn will affect us,\" said Goh . \".
When Goh and his colleagues
The founder, Chen Zhimeng, 44, started the company with six employees in a rented office in Sennai, Johor. they are already very clear, providing good services alone will not cushion the impact of the recession.
There is a Chinese saying: \"Riding a cow while looking for a horse.
This properly describes Goh and his partners who work hard while looking for a sustainable business model.
\"We are hands --on people.
\"Just because we have a master\'s degree in engineering doesn\'t mean we just place orders-we also repair machines with our technicians on the ground,\" he said, adding that, they also have to look at marketing and accounting issues that are not their strengths.
At 2003, they began to develop their own CNC controllers.
The controller is able to interpret the drawing and convert it to motion using software, guiding the tool to \"recreate\" the drawing on the material.
Subsequently, they began to integrate the controller with other cutting parts and built a complete rapid plasma cutting machine and milling machine in 2004.
These machines are mainly used in the manufacturing industry of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum products.
Their prices range from RM55 000 for standard 5ft by 10ft machines to customized RM400 000sized machines.
\"In 2004, people were surprised that Malaysians were able to produce such machines,\" he recalled . \".
\"But the next reaction is-Malaysia --
Can you use it?
But the Goh team worked hard to improve the machine and took the feedback from early customers seriously.
After all, Rome was not built in a day, and Goh knew that it was only necessary to take a lazy attitude towards the business and throw everything they had built out of the window.
He continues to provide good customer service, assuring his customers that the company is committed to customers even as a manufacturer.
He went above and beyond what was needed to make sure things went smoothly, and in a timely manner, the RM150 000 he had originally invested was well rewarded.
So far, they have sold more than 400 machines, and last year, the revenue of AC Meca reached RMB 5.
By 2014, they have moved into their own 2,229.
6 square meters factory in Sennai, Johor.
These machines are now used in shipbuilding, oil and gas to the steel industry and are exported to more than 10 countries including the United States, New Zealand, South Korea, Kuwait, Singapore and Indonesia.
\"When CNC runs on a personal computer --
Based on the platform, we can diagnose online.
However, during the installation process, we need to travel to the place where our overseas customers are located. \"Said Goh.
But for Goh, going to where his client is an extension of providing customer service.
\"We don\'t want to provide lip service only.
In my early days, I drove more than 80,000 km kilometers a year to visit my clients and their machines across the country.
We need technical support for anything we sell.
\"Looking forward to the future, the company is trying to become --
One-stop CNC tool service provider.
This also includes importing specialized tools that the company cannot manufacture.
\"Because the manufacturing costs are too high, we don\'t have a competitive advantage in making some tools.
We only focus on making machines that are not produced by major manufacturers, \"said Goh.
He added that specialization is important because he wants his technical team to be able to do the best, rather than getting stuck with the vast amount of information on various tools and affecting the performance of their services to their customers.
For a machine maker, he believes that man is his real asset, not machine.
\"We want to make sure we produce good products.
\"We don\'t want our employees to lose their motivation because they receive too many complaints about our products,\" he finally joked . \".
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