Cutting machine engraving machine and what is the difference between take you understand by the furniture production equipment manufacturers

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
4. , since the era of 'customization' as circles often mention a word, and the popularity of custom furniture, contributed to the rising popularity of CNC cutting machine. CNC cutting machine is an intelligent board type furniture cutting equipment. Use of form a complete set of typesetting software can realize the online design, rendering 3 d rendering, a key tear open sheet, optimization of layout, automatic exhaust hole, and other functions. With vacuum adsorption mesa, a feeding complete drilling, slotting, cutting three process, greatly improving the processing efficiency. And fitted with different shaped pattern cutter, can realize the function of engraving machine, cabinet door, wooden door model, compared with the engraving machine. So cutting machine with engraving machine function overlap, and the two devices appearance is same, but because of the different emphasis, lead to the two devices in the market price, the bed body structure has a big difference, technical requirements, etc. First of all, for the price, the traditional single head carving machine, multistep carving machine is lower than the corresponding cutting machine equipment price 20000 yuan, and this price is only about data, because open machine market price because the configuration of different differentiation has become extremely high. Open machine price expensive as compared to the main carving machine, overall configuration, open the machine bed weight or even a half times heavier than the engraving machine. And most of the cutting machine option 1. 5 mold rack, 25 or 30 guide rail, a class is higher than carving machine, brand choice is more careful than carving machine, superior, and all this is in order to meet the use of the machine performance. Sheet cutting machine is used for cutting of high precision, heavy work load. Average CNC cutting machine processing speed can reach 15 m/min, cut out panel requires no collapse defects such as edge, sawtooth, wavy grain. Heavy duty lathe bed, the high quality rail rack can guarantee the machine not deformation in the process of high speed for a long time. And engraving machine for plate cutting speed is slow, low accuracy, long time heavy load operation, seriously affect the service life of the equipment. In addition, the cutting machine is generally selected when choosing motor type hybrid servo servo or import, domestic servo, different from ordinary stepping servo engraving machine, mainly to meet the requirements of high speed and high precision, improve processing efficiency. In addition, the main shaft selection is another difference between the two, the size of the shaft power influence the processing effect, so for high speed cutting machine, need to choose high power spindle, common with 4. 5 kw, 6 kw, 9 kw, 12 kw, etc. , and carving pause with power generally small. Cutting machine engraving machine and there are different in terms of plate fixed: cutting machine are basic adsorption mesa is given priority to, it's need to increase adsorption pump the accessories, it is also one of the reasons of cost increase. Many customers are buying machine, when processing the entire board with good adsorption mesa, but processing small plate adsorption pump will be demanding, so want to absorb mesa of dual-use, but this kind of cognitive bias, it's better adsorption effect is completely full adsorption mesa. Now mesa of adsorption partition, small pieces of plank can open a single adsorption area to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. For adsorption pump, can be divided into two kinds of air cooling and water cooling, air cooling of the sorption pump noise is bigger, but the water sorption pump requires attention to the problem of antifreezing in winter, so you can choose appropriate adsorption pump according to the local regional climate condition. After a little embodies in the upgrade of the control system, cutting machine, generally without using pirated system or handle system, mostly adopt the original system, the choice of different control system according to customer's requirements. Here I want to remind the broad masses of friends buy machine, cutting machine now market desultorily, big to the listed companies, small to family workshops, inevitably there will be some unscrupulous businessmen see immediate profit, the use of engraving machine adopt big spindle as cutting machine sales to customers, many customers has been bitten covet is cheap. Equipment shipped back, not take long before will appear, that question. Bad like that manufacturer is often not after-sale guarantee. Equipment out of the problem is not solved, can't use, become a pile of scrap metal. A communication nowadays, industry price is transparent, no industry is profiteering, price difference is too big, inside there must be some problem, everything is you get what you pay for. A: on the engraving machine fault of woodworking machinery factory introduce you to the next: woodworking machinery attention by woodworking machinery safety and operating woodworking machinery factory is introduced
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