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by:Gewinn     2019-09-04
Kolkata: TunnelBoring machine (TBM)
Chandi will take a curve and leave bannaji Road.
In the tight curve, it is necessary to smoothly meet, discuss, and cycle from the road of SN Banerjee de la Avenue ~
Tunnel East-
Between the new west city of haolamidan and the bankimâ x80 setsetu.
Around the world, corners have been a huge challenge for underground tunnel construction.
But the negotiation is probably the hardest.
The corridor radius bent from SN Banerjee Road to the left is 280 m, with Howrah-
Side tunnel, 228 m.
The comfort radius of the underground tunnel is usually maintained at 200 m or more.
Twin Oriental Tour-
The West Metro tunnel from Marina Avenue to hailda will include another curve on Nirmal Chandra Street
The intersection of BB Ganguly Street will be as steep as the intersection of SN Banerjee Street.
Dig the giant borer worm in the West-
Chandi\'s binding tunnel is currently located in the dynamic restaurant behind the residence of SN Banerjee Road through Rani rashmoni.
The machine cannot be completely stopped so as not to cause ground subsidence.
Chandi is ready to turn left at Goaltuli Lane on SN Banerjee Road, and will start the journey again on Monday and meander down several crumbling buildings on 100 or more.
Departing from the Puja hotel in Goaltuli Lane crossing, it will arrive at the Wellington crossing behind the technical school, where a ventilation shaft is being built for the Metro tunnel.
Entrusted by Kolkata Metro Company (KMRC)
Implementation of Rs 8,575-
Chandi\'s crore project from area V to halamidan has been following a close
The linear path until now.
The upcoming curve will extend from SN Banerjee Road to about 450 m Nirmal Chandra Street.
On January 25, Chandi set out from the coastal Avenue shaft and entered SN Banerjee Road, and has been digging under the buildings lined up on the west side.
Last week, after passing through the House of Rani rushmoni, the giant borer worm turned to the middle of the road.
An engineer involved in the project explained that it now had to bend to Goaltuli Lane, dig under several shaken houses and eventually reach Nirmal Chandra Street.
However, the curve had to be steep due to lack of space.
The crowded SN Banerjee Road left little room for a larger slope, he said.
Engineer for ITD
Cement, contracted construction of this last 1.
The 4-meter long tunnel from Binhai Avenue to hailda is preparing to manipulate the tunnel about 20 metres below through the soft tidal soil.
An official said that the person driving the tunnel rig must take additional precautions so that the trailing gantry can pass without touching the tunnel wall.
KMRC aims to complete the tunnel and reach the Siyal in next March.
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