Easy to Build Desk Top 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-07
This is a method of manufacturing a computer to control the milling machine.
This makes the real power of computer control processing in the hands of ordinary people.
Small enough to fit on the table, but can be extended to any size.
As cheap as possible, without sacraf accuracy (too much).
Most parts can be purchased at local retail stores.
Most importantly, you can start and run for less than $200.
With it, you can do 2D engraving and PC plate etching as well as 3D milling and modeling in foam, wood, plastic and other soft materials.
You can also try watching YouTube movies at the end (the last frame).
The new information about the motor drive circuit is (HERE).
The frame needs to be a flat base where you can install everything horizontally and also a goose neck to support the z axis (
Upper and lower parts with motor tools)Resolutely in place.
I use the 1 inch tube just for fun, but it turns out to be handy as well.
I can hit it with a hammer when I need to adjust.
As you can see, the pillars that keep the Z axis do not have to be in the center.
It only needs to be firm and the water pipe does the job well.
Later, after you have determined that all the pipe joints are in the right position, you can add a drop of thread sealer to the joints, which will be a good solid structure.
Next is the time to add rails to the x-axis stage.
These tracks are 3/4 U chanel aluminum that you can buy from the hardware store.
Place a gasket at each end and remove the track a bit from the pipe.
Don\'t worry that the track is completely parallel.
You will understand the reason later.
Now, as you can see here, install the stepping motor with a bracket.
Connect a threaded rod of 1/4 by 20 in length to the motor shaft with a short rubber hose (
1/4 fuel line).
Now you can set the movable part of the x-axis (the stage).
The Y stage is the same as the X stage, but it becomes 90 degrees.
Install two rails and a motor on the X stage, then take out another flat material and a U-shaped channel to make the moving Y stage.
Also make a small bearing and coupling nut for it.
This should be the case when you do this.
We will copy the X and Y phases again to create the Z axis phase.
I used a piece of white plexiglass.
Install some track and motor on it.
Then a moving stage is made with u-shaped channels and roller bearings.
We do different things with nuts (see picture).
The four posts you see on stage will hold the motor tool.
Now, since this stage will move up and down, the weight of the motor tool will make it want to fall off the track, so let\'s add a few rolling bearings on each side to keep it together.
Now we push the power tools into the Z phase.
Then it\'s time to install the stage on the frame.
You have it.
This is a mechanical structure.
Starting from here, we need to connect the stepping motor to the controller and have some software running on the computer, but I will save it in future articles.
If you are interested in this project, you may have seen what can be done with 3 axes (XYZ)
Milling machine controlled by computer.
Surprisingly, after you \'ve revised it a little, what kind of accuracy can you get from this thing.
Make sure all the tracks are firm and straight.
Tighten the roller bearing so that the stage does not shift.
I make PC board with it.
It is very nice to Engrave name tags and logos.
It\'s very exciting to see it carve out a 3D object from a piece of foam or plastic.
There is a lot to learn about the software, the warning says.
Some suppliers offer a package deal for motors, drives and software.
It makes things easier, but you have to pay for it.
I will add more later.
Send me comments and questions.
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