eglinton crosstown lrt tunneling a step closer

by:Gewinn     2019-08-22
After talking about Eglington for years
The first of four giant tunnels in Scarborough Crosstown light rail
The boring machine has begun to reach Dr. heixi. launch site.
The first piece of the first machine was delivered by truck on Friday.
The machine was delivered in 13 shipments and in-site.
Metrolinx spokesman Jamie Robinson says their arrival adds a tangible dimension to the new bus line.
\"When the tunnel --
\"The boring machine started to get to the scene, which was just a few weeks before we started the tunnel construction,\" he said . \".
According to Metrolinx, the tunnel project started late, initially starting last summer, and is not expected to affect the 2020 completion date in Crosstown.
LRT will run about 13 kilometers underground between Dr. heixi
And Don Mills Road.
And then continue on the right side of a dedicated-of-
On the way to Kennedy station.
Tunnel Transport aheadDelivery: Friday is the first of the 13 custom shipments
Tunnel drill parts assembled at the launch site.
Size: The machine digs out a 6. 5-
Tunnel with diameter of meters
The finished product will be a little smaller-5. 75 metres —
Once the thickness of the reinforced concrete tunnel liner is taken into account.
The machine is fully assembled, about 100 long.
This includes supporting devices such as fans and delivery systems that move the Earth back to the launch axis when the machine is driven forward.
Cost: The four machines were manufactured by Caterpillar, formerly the Lovat Company in Toronto, which also built the borers tunnel for the expansion of the Spadina Metro.
Metrolinx ordered the machines for $54 million.
How they work: four machines work in pairs, digging parallel tunnels, and two or three months later, one machine works in pairs.
They advance 10 to 15 metres a day.
The conveyor belt running behind the machine moves the Earth back to the launch site of Black Creek.
From there, the materials were transported to a disposal location in northern Toronto.
As it developed, the machine actually built the concrete tunnel lining.
Tunnel drive: Starting at the end of April, the first machine is expected to travel east from Black Creek to Eglinton West station.
The twins followed in June.
It is expected to reach West Eglington on August 2014.
There it will be pulled out from the ground on the west side of the station and re-
Lower on the east side to avoid disturbing the subway.
Boring machines do not need to be disassembled and reassembled.
Especially heavy-
The elevator operation on duty will pull it out of the ground, put it on a reinforced truck and move it over.
It will continue to travel east on September 2014.
It is scheduled to arrive at Yongji Street.
Around May 2016
The second set of machines should be launched near Don Mills Road.
Starting in the fall of 2014.
It will take them about two years to tunnel west to Yongji Street.
It ends on July 2016.
Station construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2014.
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