Eliminate numerical control woodworking lathe problems quickly

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
Different problems in different industries have different approach, to say the least, all the problems found way are the same, is often said that way of reasoning. For numerical control woodworking lathe, in the usual test failure, need is reasoning fault reasoning to equipment, timely find problems and solve. Below small make up can be used in various industries, hope to be of help. Specific reasoning can be done from two aspects, namely forward and reverse. Downstream from the reason of failure, grope for its function, and then check reason influence on the result, which is based on the cause of the failure could occur reasoning, to see if his last with the failure phenomenon, finally to determine the point of failure. At the time of the reasoning method is adopted, the start when reasoning and analyzing object often some ambiguous, because of the cause of the problem or phenomenon in lathe, need to find out the common features of them, thus to determine the fault point, with the reasoning step by step, will slowly aware of the personality characteristics of the object, also is the need to find the malfunction. In addition to the reasoning method, and a method is the substitution method, this method is in under the premise of spare parts, with the same function modules or components of substitution and contrast method, to observe the specific of lathe operation, thus to analyze and judge, to find fault. Although this method is simple, but very effective, especially in CNC woodworking lathe with many sets of the same time, this method is more practical. Can carefully think about it, any problem of the discovery process is inferred by above way, more can be used with any profession, as long as careful at ordinary times, eat dim sum, can completely avoid the happening of any problems, more can ensure the normal operation of equipment.
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