elon musk ducks out of one los angeles tunnel but pursues another

by:Gewinn     2019-09-04
LOS ANGELES (Reuters)-
Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk canceled.
The high-speed passenger tunnel under the west end of Los Angeles, but is pushing forward a similar proposal aimed at bringing baseball fans back and forth to the Dodge stadium.
The Boring Company gave up its development 2. 7-mile (4. 4-km)
Tunnels in West Los AngelesA.
To resolve the lawsuit filed by community groups opposed to the project, the two sides said in a joint statement on Wednesday.
The move was six months after Musk.
Technology baron, known as the founder of electric vehicle company Tesla (TSLA. O)
The CEO of rocket maker SpaceX made a rare personal appearance at a public event in Los Angeles to promote his controversial tunnel project.
At that time, Musk boasted that he intended to ride free through the tunnel under Sepulveda Avenue, soliciting public feedback before continuing the larger network he envisioned for Los Angeles. A.
Metropolitan area
But opponents accuse musk of trying to escape the lengthy environmental scrutiny needed for these projects, seeking exemptions, according to what his company insists is a small project
Scale display of broader concepts.
According to John Giveen, a company official and lawyer for the plaintiff in the lawsuit, the exact terms of the court\'s settlement are confidential. “The parties. . .
\"This problem was resolved amicably,\" the statement said . \".
\"This Boring Company is no longer looking for the development of the Sepulveda test tunnel, but is looking to build an operating tunnel at the Dodge stadium.
\"Boring so-
Underground highlands known as \"Dugout Loop\"
The high-speed transport corridor between the Dodgers Stadium and one of the three existing subway stations along the city\'s Metro Red Line was first announced on the company\'s website a few months ago.
Preliminary public scoping hearings for the project, this is the first step in full swing
On August, the city\'s public works department held a scale supervision review of the bomb shelter ring road.
Meanwhile, the company said it dug a separate, shorter tunnel under the neighbouring city of Hawthorne, with Boring and SpaceX both headquartered in the city, which will be completed in December. 10.
Musk added on Wednesday\'s Twitter: \"Based on what we learned from the Hawthorne test tunnel, we are advancing a larger tunnel network under Los Angeles, \"\" There is no need for a second test tunnel under Sepulveda.
\"Bored, the Hawthorne tunnel and its bomb shelter will be used as evidence --of-
Concept website of traffic-
Underground Plumbing relaxation system, which will move pedestrian vehicles known as \"skates\" from one place to another at a speed of 150 miles per hour (240 km per hour.
The Dodge stadium tunnel will initially be limited to about 1,400 passengers and about 2 passengers for each event.
Boring sites say 5% of the capacity of the stadium, but passengers may eventually double.
The company said the fare was only $1 per trip.
In June, boredom was selected by Chicago as 17-
A one-mile underground transportation system connecting the city and O\'Hare International Airport.
The company also proposed an East Coast loop from downtown Washington, DC. C.
To the suburbs of Maryland.
Musk, known for actively acquiring large companies
He has rarely experienced large-scale technical challenges before, and after complaining about L. , he began to dabble in public transportA.
Traffic on Twitter in 2016, when it vowed to \"build a boring machine and start digging.
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