elon musk may actually be serious about tunneling under l.a.

by:Gewinn     2019-08-21
One of the few rich, powerful and creative people, is finally tired of Los Angeles\'s legendary traffic jams.
He has a plan.
Billionaire innovator Elon Musk announced earlier Wednesday that he is ready to move forward with his recent ambition to make a hole in the city.
\"Exciting progress has been made before the tunnel,\" Musk wrote on Twitter . \".
\"It is planned to start digging in about a month.
\"No one knows where and how to dig.
Such a statement comes from anyone else and may be considered a joke.
But considering Muskis, an entrepreneur with a team, has changed mobile payments (PayPal)
Send a rocket into space
Space Exploration Technology (SpaceX)
And launched the electric-car company (Tesla Motors)
Tweets are unlikely to be rejected.
After all, he is serious about a possible Mars mission.
The tunnel industry is now working heavily and revenue is expected to grow at an annual rate of seven.
From 2016 to 2021, it was $ 3%, up to $5.
6 billion, according to research firm IBISWorld.
Government investment is the main driver of economic growth, about 69.
5% of industry revenue.
In Los Angeles, for example, a large number of tunnel works are part of the expansion of metro and light rail lines.
Major companies in the tunnel business include San Francisco-
Headquartered in Neb, the Baker Group and Omaha. -
Based on giwitt Corp.
Market Share 4. 1% and 2.
According to the IBISWorld data, 4% respectively.
Musk first mentioned his boring plan in December.
\"The traffic drove me crazy.
\"I will build a tunnel rig and then start digging,\" he wrote on Twitter at the time, adding, \"it will be called \'boring Company \'.
\"It\'s boring,\" he said, apparently writing a buzzword. \"That\'s what we do.
Eliminate all doubts
Okay, to get rid of some questions
He added: \"I will really do that.
\"On Wednesday, he teased the upcoming announcement with the classic Musk fashion, with enough details to make you think about the possibilities.
\"Where will your tunnel be?
Asked a Twitter user.
\"From the time I was across from SpaceX\'s desk,\" he replied . \".
\"Crenshaw and 105 Highway 5 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport.
Crenshaw Avenue is a major north.
South Street in greater Los Angeles, not far from Hawthorne\'s headquarters in the suburbs of Hawthorne.
However, we can say that there are some bureaucratic obstacles to Musk\'s tunnel plan.
First of all, it can be a nightmare to just license the process.
A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Department of Public Works did not respond to a request for comment.
A spokesman near Los Angeles International Airport declined to comment.
American consumer supervision organizationS.
The public interest research team, known last year as a long-term attempt, tried to extend underground through the Long Beach Highway in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County, one of the country\'s largest means of transport. The $3. $2 billion to $5.
The organization says the 6 billion project is the \"most expensive, polluted and least effective option\" to solve traffic problems in the region \".
Don\'t make a mistake though: Musk\'s timing is good.
After meeting with President Trump on Monday to boost US manufacturing, and praising Trump\'s candidate for secretary of state on Tuesday, he again speculated that his tunnel ambitions coincided with the president\'s push for infrastructure spending.
A \"large investment tunnel project\" such as Musk\'s or the Hudson River Railway tunnel project connecting New Jersey and New York can be considered part of the Trump administration\'s infrastructure spending, international bridges, bill Kramer, communications director of the tunnel and toll roads Association, said in an email.
\"Overall, the country\'s infrastructure is collapsing,\" Cramer said . \".
\"Federal, state and local governments simply don\'t have enough money to meet all the country\'s infrastructure needs.
Private investors working with state, local governments and decision makers can be effective and efficient.
\"According to the USA Today reporter Nathan Bomey Twitter @ NathanBomey.
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