elon musk\'s firm \"on track\" to launch first test tunnel in us

by:Gewinn     2019-09-11
Billionaire Elon Musk\'s infrastructure and tunnel construction Company Boring Company has made a breakthrough and is expected to complete its first test tunnel in Los Angeles, USA.
\"The Boring Company has just broken through each other!
Congrats @ BoringCompany for completing the LA/Hawthorne tunnel!
Cutting-edge technology!
Musk posted a video of the excavator on Twitter.
According to E-Trek, the tunnel starts at the parking lot at Crenshaw Avenue on the other side of the SpaceX headquarters and runs along 120 Street.
\"The drilling machine can only move forward when grinding the ground and constantly advance towards the tunnel wall that is gradually installed behind it,\" the report added . \".
The Boring Company\'s test tunnel in Los Angeles was scheduled to open a month later.
Earlier in October, Musk announced that The Boring Company\'s first test tunnel was \"almost finished\" and that they would open the project to the public around December 10.
According to Musk, the company is building a watchtower at the exit of the tunnel, using bricks made of dirt dug from the tunnel.
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