elon musk says mysterious \'tunnel\' project making progress

by:Gewinn     2019-09-02
Los angeles-Elon Musk has gone higher and now he says he\'s gone lower.
Apparently underground.
Just a few weeks later, a tweet suddenly tweeted, \"traffic drives me crazy,\" and \"I\'m going to build a tunnel rig and start digging,\" said SpaceX and Tesla founders, all this is about to happen.
On Wednesday, he tweeted: \"Exciting progress has been made before the tunnel . \".
\"It is planned to start digging in about a month.
\"These mysterious statements have sparked speculation about Musk\'s other fantastic idea of transportation, where he built an orbital rocket at SpaceX, his space exploration technology company in Hawthorne, California, near Los Angeles International Airport.
But these ambiguous tweets made his tunnel plan completely unclear.
Musk\'s tweet does not suggest the size of the tunnel, where the tunnel will go, whether it is his electric Tesla car, subway train, his future \"super cycle\" Tube transports small inventions or something completely different. In the mid-
On December, Musk tweeted that his Tunnel Company
It will be called \"boring company\"
And gave a mission statement.
\"Boring, that\'s what we do.
\"But he did not do enough in detail.
Another tweet says the starting point will be \"across from SpaceX my desk \". Crenshaw (Boulevard)
105 Highway 5 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport.
\"An email from The Associated Press did not respond immediately, seeking comments from Hawthorne\'s interim city manager, who is also the director of public works and the city engineer.
No mention was made of the need for any major traffic tunnel works such as environmental impact reports, public hearings, geotechnical reports, existing underground infrastructure investigations, noise and vibration studies.
These projects will take years.
Long horizons and boring machines weighing thousands of tons.
A few years ago, when he was a contractor, brother Trevor
The company went to work on the downtown area connector of the Los Angeles County traffic line, noting that it would take about eight months to complete the tunnel rig alone.
Musk also doesn\'t say if the \"traffic\" that bothers him is a vehicle group in the west end of Los Angeles, local access to the spaceX parking lot, or something like the over-taxed Internet, may require new cables.
He did use the word \"boring. \" Three times.
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