elon musk tweets photo of boring company transport tunnel

by:Gewinn     2019-09-01
Billionaire Elon Musk has released a photo of a tunnel he is building on the outskirts of Los Angeles to test a new concept of transportation that will take people on private car trains.
Last weekend, the founders of SpaceX and Tesla said on Twitter that the tunnel is 152 long (500 feet)
So far, it should be 3. 2 kilometres (2 miles)
Three or four months.
Photo of the Boring Company LA tunnel taken yesterday picture. twitter.
Com/TfdVKyXFsJ on August, the Hawthorne City Council approved a permit to allow about 3 underground expansions. 2 kilometres (2 miles)
From the SpaceX hotel, through a corner of the municipal airport and below the city street, to about a mile east of the Los Angeles International Airport.
Musk also tweeted that he hoped that in a year or so, the tunnel would extend along the Interstate 405 corridor from Los Angeles International Airport to the United States. S.
Highway 101 in the San Fernando Valley requires approval from other governments.
This span is about 23 kilometers (17 miles. )Up to 13.
4 metres below surfaceMusk, he complained about what he called the \"soul --
Destroyed traffic in Los Angeles.
He added the Boring Company to his adventure and bought a tunnel.
Boring machine used in a project in the San Francisco Bay Area this year and put it in a shaft in the SpaceX parking lot.
That\'s why SpaceX will get humans to Mars by 2024. According to the Hawthorne Commission\'s document, the external diameter of the \"zero emission underground transport test tunnel\" is 4. 1 metres (13. 5 feet)
The internal diameter is about 3. 6 metres (12 feet)
And will run to 13 deep. 4 metres (44 feet)
Under the surface
\"When the project is completed, the test tunnel will accommodate a\" skateboard \"system that will be tested to demonstrate the feasibility of transporting a pedestrian or individual vehicle.
The concept is that a car will drive onto a skateboard, the engine will shut down, and vehicles and passengers will be transported to the other end from one end of the test tunnel, the August resolution said.
\"The test tunnel project will allow SpaceX engineers to repeatedly test and test the type of individual vehicle suitable for placing on skates;
Refinement of design and technology;
General data collection for performance, durability and applications.
It added: \"There will be no open use of the test tunnel, and no one will take up the vehicle on the skates while testing the skates inside the tunnel . \".
Construction is expected to take about five months to complete, the resolution said.
Musk insists that tunnel tunneling can be done faster than the current method.
The plan allows the city to request the tunnel to be filled in when the test is completed.
Musk has also advocated another transport concept known as the \"super cycle\", a network of pipes with almost no air, which can be long distances at speeds of up to 1,207 km/h. 750 mph)
Thin mats using air, magnetic and solar energy.
SpaceX recently hosted the development team competition on the test track built at headquarters.
Hyperloop technology will revolutionize transportation, but it has to start from the ground first, with German students beating Newfoundland/Boston to win the Hyperloop competition. On Monday, SpaceX carried out 16 Falcons this year to send a South Korean satellite into space from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
The first rocket.
The stage booster landed successfully on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean.
Successful deployment of South Korea
The 5A-to-earth stationary transfer orbit was confirmed.
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