elon musk unveils his first los angeles-area tunnel

by:Gewinn     2019-08-14
LOS ANGELES (Reuters)-
Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk made a brief public appearance late Tuesday, announcing the first tunnel built by his underground transportation project, launched two years ago, against Los Angeles.
Free rides are part of the grand opening. In a 30-
Musk made a one-minute demonstration through the live webcast, praising the newly completed 1. 14-mile (1. 83 km)
Tunnel segment as lowcost, fast-
Boring, his new Tunnel Company, pioneered mining technology.
Musk has released evidence. of-
Concept tunnel is the first step in developing high technology
Speed Underground network can be in the \"soul-
Destroying street traffic in America\'s second largest city
The largest city at a speed of 150 miles per hour.
But there is still a long way to go for such a system.
The new tunnel was dug along a path, not through Los Angeles, but under the nearby city of Hothorn, where Musk\'s Boring Company and his SpaceX rocket company are all based
Musk, the most famous Tesla company (TSLA. O)
On December 2016, electric car manufacturers and energy companies complained on Twitter about L. A.
The traffic at that time \"drove me crazy\", promised to \"make a boring machine and start digging.
\"In May, the company showed the world a preview of the Hawthorne tunnel, releasing a quick
The camera takes forward video of its interior along the length of the cylindrical channel, which is about 12 feet in length (3. 7 m)in diameter.
On Tuesday, Musk marked the total price of the completed portion at approximately $10 million, including the cost of excavation, in-house infrastructure, lighting, ventilation, safety systems, communications and tracks.
In contrast, it would cost $1 billion to dig a mile of tunnels using \"traditional\" engineering methods, which would take three to six months to complete, he said.
Musk boasted a few costs-
Including higher-level innovation
Dig narrow tunnels and speed up the removal of dirt while digging and strengthening.
He also cited his favorite comparison with snails, which he says move 14 times faster than typical tunnel machines.
\"Mentally, we should be a little faster than snails,\" he said . \".
Musk didn\'t say how long his new tunnel had been dug and ended up not digging 2-
His company initially requested an easement for the project.
But before he
Video footage of a new elevator station designed to transport passengers from the street floor to the underground entrance of the tunnel.
In the video, a modified Tesla Model X luxury car appeared in the elevator.
When fully operational, Musk\'s envisioned \"loop\" system will consist of passengersand automobile-
Carrying platforms known as \"skates\", once they enter the underground network, they can pass through the tunnel through electricity.
In addition, passenger cars can be equipped with retractable side wheels, allowing them to pass the loop independently, he said.
Musk took part in a Tuesday night event in such a fully equipped Tesla car and popped out of the car at one end of the tunnel --
Bathed in green and blue interior light
A small group of enthusiastic audiences gathered to cheer for his speech.
Earlier this year, Musk\'s promise to cross the tunnel free of charge after the opening of the tunnel caused a stir.
He fulfilled the promise at a press conference on Tuesday night, providing
Travel by dozens of invited guests and media members.
If successful, the Hawthorne tunnel is conceived as eventually connecting to other tunnel networks that have not yet been built.
The Boring Company canceled a £ 2 plan last month. 7-
A mile west of Los Angeles has settled a lawsuit filed by community groups opposed to the project.
But Musk\'s company says it is pushing ahead with a tunnel across town to connect the Dodge stadium, home to the city\'s major league baseball team, with existing subway lines.
In June, boredom was chosen by Chicago 17-
A mile underground transportation system connecting the city center and the main airport.
The company also proposed an East Coast loop from Washington. C.
To the suburbs of Maryland.
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