elon musk unveils underground tunnel prototype

by:Gewinn     2019-09-01
Elon Musk unveiled his underground traffic tunnel on Tuesday, allowing journalists and invited guests to ride the revolutionary first rides despite the bumpy underground pipeline
The tech entrepreneur\'s answer to what he calls \"soul\"
Destroy Traffic.
Guests board the Tesla Model S in musk and ride along Los Angeles.
The regional surface street known as the \"O\'Leary Station.
The station is in the middle of a residential area.
\"It\'s basically in someone\'s backyard,\" Musk said . \"
Consists of a wall.
Fewer elevators slowly drove the car down the wide shaft, about 9 yuan below the ground.
Boring Company loop system pic. twitter.
The sky slowly disappeared and, surprisingly, the narrow tunnel appeared.
\"We are clear,\" said the driver, who sped up and compressed into the tunnel when the red light turned green to make the subway look like something from space or dance clubs.
The car was so bumpy that it was enough to get a reporter motion sickness while the other reporter shouted, \"Wow! \"\'Epic\' ride —
But bumpsMusk called his first ride \"epic \".
\"It was a eureka moment for me,\" he told a room full of reporters.
\"I thought at the time, \'This thing will work very well.
\"He said the ride is bumpy now because\" we\'re a little out of time, \"and there are some problems with his paving speed.
\"It will be as smooth as glass,\" he said of the future system . \".
\"This is just a prototype.
That\'s why its edge is a bit rough.
@ Boringcompany Tesla in the tunnel with retractable wheel gear to turn the car into a track
Guide train &
Returns pic again. twitter.
Com/3a6i0NoSmi The demo process is also a lot slower --64 km/h—
Beimaske said the future system will run at a speed of 241 kilometers per hour.
Nevertheless, it took only about three minutes to travel.
6 km from the beginning to the end of the tunnel, the time required to complete a right is the same
Even before the infamous rush hour in Los Angeles, hands came out of the parking lot to a surface street --hour traffic.
This tunnel is just a test to prove that the technology works and can cure traffic one day.
Tuesday\'s disclosure came nearly two years after Musk announced on Twitter that \"traffic drives me crazy,\" he \"will build a tunnel rig and start digging \".
\"I would really do that,\" he added in response to initial suspicions, adding that a tweet was blown up and released near the tunnel entrance to the event on Tuesday, like other Musk tweets, \"Beating traffic is the ultimate boss battle.
\"Can I zoom in?
These tweets are a recognition of Musk\'s sense of humor.
Just after he announced that he was going to create a tunnel, he started the Boring Company, joking on purpose.
Since he announced the news, Musk has revealed only a few photos and videos of the progress of the tunnel.
On Tuesday, for the first time, he explained in detail how his system, which he called \"recycling\", works on a larger scale under global cities.
Autonomous, electric vehicles can be reduced to the system on the wall
There are fewer elevators in the size of two cars.
Such elevators can be placed almost anywhere the car can go.
Many self-driving cars will be used only by pedestrians and cyclists.
Once on the main artery of the system, each vehicle can operate at the highest speed except for in and out.
\"It\'s more like an underground highway than a subway,\" he said . \"
\"It\'s not like you\'re going through a series of stops.
No, the aorta will go very fast and you will slow down only if you want to get out of the circulation system.
Musk said he canceled plans to run a car on the skates platform.
Instead, the car has to install specially designed side wheels that pop up perpendicular to the regular tires of the car and run along the track of the tunnel.
Musk said the cost of the wheel was about $200, or $300 per vehicle.
He said the tunnel was the safest place in the earthquake.
A bit like a submarine during a hurricane is the safest under the water.
And solved other problems such as noise and disruption of tunnel construction, which he completely denied.
For example, when workers are bored at the end of the test tunnel, people at home don\'t even stop watching TV.
\"Someone walking through your house will be more eye-catching than digging a tunnel under your house,\" he said . \".
The $10 million test tunnel Musk said it would take about $1 billion to build the test tunnel, a far cry from what his company says most of the tunnels need to be built at $1 per mile.
Musk explained how he cut costs.
Measures include increasing construction speed with smarter tools, eliminating middlemen and making more powerful boring machines instead of dragging out all the excavated dirt, which Musk is turning into bricks, sold for 10 cents.
He reiterated the simplicity of all his ideas.
\"There is no need for a Nobel prize here,\" he said . \"
\"Very simple.
He said: \"He did not do this for money, which he added was for the greater good.
\"Traffic is a disease for everyone in all cities,\" he said . \".
\"I really think it\'s very profound.
Hopefully this will happen.
\"Steve Davis, head of the Boring Company, said there was a lot of interest in the tunnel system --
There are 5 to 20 calls per week from various cities and stakeholders.
Musk is planning a project called the lone stone circle, which will take Los Angeles baseball fans to dodge Stadium from one of the three subway stations.
Travelers from downtown Chicago to O\'Hare International Airport will also be there.
Both projects are in the environmental review phase.
The Boring Company last month canceled plans to build another test tunnel in the west end of Los Angeles, after a community coalition filed a lawsuit expressing concerns about traffic and trucks pulling out of the boring process.
Elon Musk offers free rides through Los AngelesA.
Musk got a tunnel for a private-funded test tunnel
Boring machine used in the San Francisco Bay Area project and put it in a shaft in the parking lot of the SpaceX headquarters.
Musk\'s representative has announced a new tunnel on Tuesday.
They say they hope to be online soon, a machine that is four times faster than the one they have been using.
Musk\'s vision for the underground tunnel is not the same as his other traffic concept hyperloop.
This will involve a network of pipes with little air, which will use thin mats of air, magnetic and solar energy to accelerate special capsules over long distances at speeds of up to 1,200 km/h.
According to The Boring Company, the loop system is designed for shorter routes that do not need to eliminate air friction.
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