elon musk wants to start boring company to address traffic congestion

by:Gewinn     2019-09-02
He wants to build a human colony on Mars to fill the world with electricity.
Electric driverless car, charge your house with battery and conceive super train.
Now it seems that he wants to solve the problem of traffic congestion that has plagued the world\'s major cities.
Of course, he is Elon Musk.
The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla has a lot of world
Change the project that is currently in progress, but from the weekend impromptu Twitter rant, the innovative 45-year-
I want to eliminate traffic congestion now.
Musk was apparently frustrated by the slow traffic on Sunday and decided to publicly commit to taking action on it.
The key to his idea: Tunnel.
On social media, he promised to build a tunnel digging machine and began digging into the tunnel, presumably to build an underground maze.
The tunnel digging machine, also known as the \"mole\", is a machine used to dig a circular section tunnel.
This also happens to provide a good language game when billionaire entrepreneurs encounter traffic jams and want to joke.
It was clearly a lighthearted rant, but the media speculated that his subsequent insistence would make the media a big splash.
To prove how serious he was about his new business venture, Musk even edited his Twitter resume with the words: \"Tesla, SpaceX, Tunnel (yes, tunnels)& OpenAI.
\"This is definitely not the first time PayPal has cooperated.
The founder mentioned his desire to build a pile of tunnels.
On January, Musk held a competition to design the passenger compartment of the super high-speed rail, after which he talked about his love for the tunnel.
In response to a question, he said: \"This is a very simple and obvious idea. I hope more people will do this: build more tunnels --\"and-
Answer the session in the activity.
\"The tunnel is great.
It\'s just a hole in the ground. it\'s not that hard.
But if you have a tunnel in the city, you will greatly ease the congestion and you can have a tunnel on different levels;
You may have a 30-story tunnel that completely solves the congestion problem at the top. density cities.
So, I highly recommend tunnels.
Musk recently joined the president of the United States.
After attending a meeting that turned technology leaders and real estate tycoons into politicians, the team of economic advisers elected to Donald Trump.
Trump said he intends to become president of infrastructure projects, and that it is certainly better to build tunnels than to build border walls.
Anyone who frequently encounters rush hour traffic will certainly welcome any idea of effectively reducing road congestion.
However, the logistics and cost of building a pile of underground roads may make it less likely to take risks at this point.
But this is far from Elon Musk\'s craziest idea.
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