enbridge offers 2024 finish for great lakes tunnel project

by:Gewinn     2019-08-15
Traverse City, Michigan—Enbridge Inc.
By early 2024, it could build and operate a proposed oil pipeline tunnel under a vital Great Lakes Waterway, in response to Michigan officials\'s request to speed up the closure of two existing pipelines, said Thursday.
The Canadian company said it had sent Gov.
Gretchen Whitmer revised a schedule for a $0. 5 billion tunnel crossing the cornerstone under the Mackinac Straitmile-wide (6. 4-kilometre-wide)
The Strait connecting Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.
\"Assuming that we can pass the licensing process without delay, we believe that the tunnel can start construction in 2021 and be put into use in early 2024,\" Enbridge said in a statement . \".
\"As mentioned earlier, after replacing the pipe in the tunnel is put into use, the operation of the current Line 5 will stop immediately.
\"Companies and state officials have previously said that it may take seven to 10 years to complete the project, but after reaching an agreement with the former Republican governor last year, describe 2024 as the target date.
Rick Snyder\'s government
Company spokesman Michael Barnes said the letter to Democrat Whitmer represents a firm commitment to achieve the goal in a shorter period of time.
Whitmer criticized Snyder\'s deal with Enbridge in a successful campaign last fall.
Earlier this year, she ordered a halt to the work of the project and asked Dana Nessel, the newly elected Minister of Justice, to comment on the legality of the project, which Dana Nessel found a legal violation authorizing the project
Nessel said this week that if Whitmer and Enbridge cannot agree on a new plan for retiring underwater pipes, she will take steps to close the underwater pipes in June.
These pipes are part of the Enbridge Line 5, which transports 23 million gallons (
87 million liters)
Crude oil and natural gas liquids between Wisconsin-subit and Sarnia, Ontario.
Environmental activists demanded an immediate closure, saying 66-year-
The old underwater section could pollute hundreds of miles of open water and coastline.
Enbridge said it was a safe infrastructure for residents in northern Michigan to provide basic propane.
On Thursday, when asked if the 2024 schedule was acceptable, Whitmer told reporters at the Mackinac Policy meeting of the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce: \"Of course, it has risen, which tells me, maybe we can make it better.
We are working hard.
Whitmer said that in the absence of a date for the closure of Line 5, Nessel may take legal action.
\"I think going to court will create a lot of uncertainty,\" Whitmer said . \".
\"We may be in litigation for a long time while the pipeline stays under the sea.
\"According to the latest schedule in Enbridge, underwater rock and soil sampling will begin in June, followed by the design and construction of custom tunnel rigs in 2020.
Crossing the rock bed and building the tunnel within an average of 40 feet (12 metres)
Running daily from 2021 to 2023, testing and commissioning in early 2024.
Eggert is reportedly from Mackinac Island, Michigan.
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