Encyclopedia of CNC punch press

by:Gewinn     2020-03-26
First, the mechanical drive nc 2-foot-tall tower punching the 2-foot-tall tower punch in development since the first class of machine tools, this kind of machine tool, simple structure, good stability, low price. Now throw in some enterprises can find the figure of this kind of machine tool. But this kind of machine faults in its prominent advantages. Mechanical drive nc chong bed should be carried out after the flywheel turned a circle to a stamping, during stamping forming is not easy to control. So in this type of punching machine is suitable for comparing single enterprise type. Convenient for the operation and production. Second, servo motor drive nc 2-foot-tall tower punch the advantage of this kind of punch is stamping on can be adjusted, so to adjust together forming the abrasive is also very simple and convenient, and low noise, low energy consumption. Don't consume electricity, very of environmental protection, covers an area of too small, very suitable for relatively small workshop and scale, human and technical aspects of consumption is less, also easy to operate. Now many of the companies and factories are using this type of CNC punch press 3, closed type CNC punch press such CNC punch press machine is the use of hydraulic cylinder motor drives the blow head for stamping, such can produce relatively large parts of machine tools. And little noise. But is to maintain a very not easy, and high cost of operating personnel are more special technical requirements. I hope the article can help to you!
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