Energy-saving reconstruct of second-hand woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-22
Energy-saving reconstruct of second-hand woodworking machinery

second-hand woodworking machinery at startup, will be higher than the rated current of the motor 5 - Six times, not only affect the service life of motor and consumes more electricity. System in the motor when the design selection will have a certain margin, the speed of the motor is fixed, but in the actual use process, sometimes at a lower or higher speed, so the frequency conversion reform is necessary. Frequency converter motor soft start can be realized, by changing the input voltage frequency to achieve the purpose of energy saving control of motor speed, and can provide equipment over current, over voltage, overload protection function. Imported frequency converter, ABB, Siemens is better, but you abnormally, domestic inverter did better have a 7-day, three crystal, inovance and British witten, etc.

second-hand woodworking machinery operation process:
( 1) Woodworking machinery operators must be familiar with all kinds of mechanical structure, performance and operation and maintenance methods, do people use, is responsible for.
( 2) When operating woodworking machinery, should wear overalls, tighten cuffs, female comrade must wear good working cap, braided into the cap; Don't wear gloves, scarves, etc.
( 3) Machinery must try it out before you start work, parts working properly rear can begin to work.
( 4) Woodworking machinery on the shaft, the chain, pulley, the belt and other moving parts, should be set shield and shield.
( 5) Mechanical if any abnormal situation during operation or other failure occurs, should be immediately cut off the power supply, parking overhaul.
( 6) Woodworking machinery replacement cutter, saw blade, must cut off the total power.
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