Engraving machine fault of woodworking machinery factory introduction for you

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Engraving machine fault of woodworking machinery factory introduce you to a: carving machine shaft or triaxial abnormal 1: don't go for a walk or move around loose control card or malfunction. 2: the corresponding shaft drive failure. 3: the corresponding axis stepper motor fault. 4: the corresponding shafts, broken or loose. 5: the corresponding fracture or screw nut screw failure. 6: the corresponding axial sliding fast fault occurs. 7: drive set in the fine fraction, current, and software. 2:1: the z axis is out of control loose control card or malfunction. 2: electrostatic interference. Line 3: the z axis motor fault 4: file path is wrong 5: inverter interference 6: there is something wrong with the computer system or a virus 7: third error: error 1: loose control card or fault 2: drive failure 3: stepper motor fault 4: static 5: motor fault 6: cable fault 7:8: wrong path connecting shaft is broken or loose 9: processing speed fast zero: computer system problem or virus 4: carving two-tone 1: loose control card or fault 2: step motor near fault 3: drive failure or current segment with the software set up 4; Z axis motor fault 5:6: spindle motor fault inverter interference or wrong data set 7: static 8: a computer virus or system problem five: 1: carving control card fault 2:3: frequency converter interference file path is wrong. 4:5: static software set question 6: drive failure or current segmentation set wrong 7: cable fault 8: computer system with a virus or question 6: wash the bottom uneven 1: no vertical spindle and mesa. Need correction 2: knife with question 3: there is something wrong with the control card 7: spindle halt 1: spindle 2: internal short circuit current block 3: frequency converter parameters set up their own fault or mistake 4: control card fault 8: spindle rotation the voice is not normal 1: frequency converter set wrong 2: spindle turn 3: spindle itself has a problem 9: go for a walk or back in the opposite direction when mechanical origin 1: change the 'public in notepad. Dat file 2: modify the connection method of frequency converter 3: at the macro software in the transfer direction of 10: the machine can't normal mechanical origin 1: back in the opposite direction: 2 control card failure or loose 3: limit switch or cable fault 4:5: drive failure step near motor fault 11: can't automatically to dao 1: loose control card or fault 2:3: the knife block line fault with insulation material on the surface of a knife block 4: static 5: question 12: software or computer spindle automatic roll over or stop no. 1: control card fault 2: frequency converter fault on a: you know what is the application scope of woodworking engraving machine next article: engraving machine cutting machine and what is the difference between take you understand by the furniture production equipment manufacturers
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