Engraving machines in solid wood processing equipment are widely used

by:Gewinn     2020-03-09
With the popularity of customized furniture, more and more furniture production companies have gradually begun to purchase customized equipment for the whole House to realize product transformation. Panel furniture cutting machine is favored by panel furniture manufacturers for its multi-process processing advantages. As a CNC machinery manufacturer with independent research and development production capacity, superstar CNC has introduced high-quality panel furniture cutting machine. Imported parts precision stable solid wood processing equipment track adopts imported high precision linear track, which has stable operation, high precision, stable support and extends the service life of the machine. The z-axis adopts imported industrial ball screw rod, which has accurate positioning and better processing effect. It has a circulating cooling system, controllable cooling flow and humanized design. It has powerful functions such as power failure recovery, breakpoint renewal, processing time prediction, automatic tool setting, etc. Industrial production model, heavy-duty all-steel structure welding, thickened table top and gantry beam structure. The screw connection of all parts can be tight for 100 times, which is conducive to the replacement of parts and does not affect the rigidity and durability of the machine. High quality working panel furniture cutting machine can automatically change the cutting machine head according to the model of furniture, which is convenient, quick, time-saving and labor-saving. It has dust protection and makes the machine free from chips. Compatible with TYPE3, Artcam, jingdiao JD, Wentai carving, UG, MasterCAM, PowerMill and other CAD/CAM design and production software. Intelligent Processing cross-border protection to prevent mechanical collision caused by design layout exceeding processing format. Widely applicable to wood products, cutting materials, furniture decoration, musical instrument manufacturing, wooden crafts, artistic models, art font character, logo, plate plane carving, solid wood furniture, art mural, density board paint-free door, composite door, cabinet window door, bedside table, screen relief carving and cutting, decoration processing, gift packaging, wave board, electrical countertops, sporting goods, and other wooden industrial products of three-dimensional curved surface and shape cutting custom furniture is popular, it has caused a mix of good and bad people in the woodworking machinery and equipment market. Warm Reminder: customers must personally understand the equipment function, practicality and strength of the equipment manufacturers before making a decision, in order to bring unnecessary trouble to the later stage.
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