Establishment of Production Technology Fund to Strengthen Sino-German Cooperation

by:Gewinn     2022-05-28
MAG, a machine tool company based in Göppingen and one of the largest suppliers of production technology solutions in the world, has decided to provide a production technology fund for graduate students at the Sino-German Institute of Tongji University in Shanghai. This is part of the activities of the Sino-German Year of Science Education. Dr. Jürgen Fleischer, Chairman of the MAG Group, and Dr. Annette Schavan, the German Federal Minister of Education and Research, who is visiting China, signed the official agreement of the foundation. The University of Karlsruhe is a partner, and its wbk Institute of Industrial Technology will provide financial support for the foundation. During her visit to Tongji University, Federal Minister Ms. Schavan emphasized the importance of cooperation between the universities and enterprises of the two countries, 'Enterprises represented by MAG show that the Chinese market provides a major growth point for German machine tool manufacturers, and creates both sides. Various possibilities for win-win cooperation”. The newly established production technology fund will further strengthen the exchange of scientific knowledge between China and Germany, promote the joint education of high-level experts, and lay an important foundation for the successful economic cooperation between the two countries. MAG has considerable development potential in the Chinese and Asian markets. Recently, the company opened a new 1000m2 facility in Shanghai, which provides technical services, sales, after-sales service, training and live demonstrations. In the near future, the company will build a new factory in Changchun. Dr. Jürgen Fleischer, Chairman of MAG said: 'The Chinese market has shown a vigorous development force. MAG will establish a permanent presence in China and further expand its business. In order to adapt to the development of China's regional policies and establish closer ties with it , strengthening scientific exchanges between Chinese and German universities and improving the education level of experts will be an important bargaining chip for our success in the Asian market.” The official agreement of the foundation was signed by Dr. Annette Schavan, Minister of Education and Research of Germany, as well as Dr. Max Huber, Vice President of DAA, Professor Pei Gang, President of Tongji University, Dr. Jürgen Fleischer, Chairman of MAG, and Dr. Horst Hippler, President of Karlsruhe University.
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