EU machine tool industry Ru0026D innovation technology platform actively Ru0026D and innovation

by:Gewinn     2022-04-19
Since the establishment of the EU Machine Tool Industry Ru0026D Innovation Technology Platform (ETP), after long-term development, it has formed a close partnership with industry, science and technology, users, and relevant government departments, and has become the leading force in EU machine tool industry Ru0026D and innovation activities. . The machine tool industry technology platform is committed to the mechatronics of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automatic control and computer engineering, integrating the intelligence and informatization of machine tool mechanical and electrical structures, and achieving the goals of energy saving, emission reduction, function optimization and more intelligence for a new generation of machine tools . At present, the CHAMELEON Ru0026D team of the machine tool industry technology platform has established the world's most advanced large-scale machine tool scientific research infrastructure and sub-facility scientific research network system to ensure that the innovative technology of the EU machine tool industry is always at the forefront of the world. The project completed by the platform at the end of 2011 integrates a new generation of intelligent devices into the machine tool, and realizes the complete automatic configuration and adaptive production line of the machine tool. The newly developed project of this platform can organically integrate the crude steel material processing machine tool and the high-speed aluminum alloy material processing machine tool into one, and the new machine tool can automatically switch to achieve the processing goals and tasks of completely different materials. Up to now, 11 innovative intelligent devices successfully developed by the EU machine tool industry Ru0026D innovation technology platform have been popularized and applied in the production line. These technologies mainly include active dampers to eliminate vibration, hydraulic compensation devices for machine tool structural deformation, magnetic levitation motor spindles, continuous systems for laser positioning of tool positions, automatic search artificial vision systems for large components, and machine tool machining accuracy self-learning control systems. It is reported that the EU Machine Tool Industry Ru0026D and Innovation Technology Platform invites public tenders for Ru0026D and innovation projects every year, which are mainly jointly invested by interested industrial enterprises and form Ru0026D teams with the participation of various stakeholders to lead the Ru0026D and innovation activities. Research and innovation projects are partly funded by the European Commission and the public finances of the Member States concerned.
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