European Council for Machine Tool Cooperation publishes guidelines for European conformity certification

by:Gewinn     2022-05-03
The 'European Conformity Certification Guidelines' are published for the first time among the guidelines developed by customs and economic administrations in accordance with EU regulations to support market surveillance. Mr. Dag Jacobson, head of the technical department of the European Machine Tool Cooperation Committee, said: 'This guideline originates from the industry itself, and we hope that it will play a role in promoting and guaranteeing production safety and creating a level playing field for manufacturers in the European Community's internal market. 'Promoting Integrity in the EC Market through Fair Competition' Metalworking machine tools are used in all manufacturing fields throughout Europe, all of which comply with the strict requirements of European standards to protect the health and safety of production personnel. In addition, by implementing the provisions of European standards, the goal of minimizing the environmental impact of industrial production is accelerated. The law applied within the European Community stipulates the market access requirements for industrial machinery, emphasizing that only machines that meet the basic requirements in the regulations can enter the European Community market. As far as market supervision is concerned, an important part after entering the market is to ensure the effective implementation of the legal provisions of the European Community. The effective and uniform implementation of these regulations within the EU guarantees the integrity of the EU internal market. European machine tool manufacturers invest a lot of money and time every year to ensure that their machines comply with EU regulations. As such, they demand that strict health-protecting standards be encouraged and a level playing field with safety-centric conditions, rather than minimum overhead, be encouraged. Effective market regulation will be the key to fair competition. However, so far, the regulation of the single market has mainly focused on the two aspects of consumer goods and consumer protection, while ignoring the regulation of capital goods. The purpose of the 'New Legal FrameworkThis is a meaningful step forward from the current situation, but so far the implementation effect has not been obvious. The European Machine Tool Cooperation Committee called on its member states to seriously implement the 'new legal framework'. The result of a level playing field is the encouragement of innovation and competition, which have been included in the 2020 European Strategy as the two main goals of economic growth. The machine tool industry should abide by its commitment to production safety and environmental protection. Mr. Jacobson pointed out: 'I think the industry can also play a certain role in supporting the strengthening of the application of internal market laws, that is, in the process of promoting the implementation of the new legal framework. Now, the European Machine Tool Cooperation Council is taking on this responsibility. Effective market regulation, like strengthening management capacity, requires close cooperation between regulators, customs authorities, and industry. Therefore, we have decided to publish the European Machine Tool Cooperation Council through the publication of the European Machine Tool Cooperation Committee. The European Conformity Certification Guidelines allow stakeholders to share our know-how.” The European Council for Machine Tool Cooperation hopes that these guidelines for the machine tool industry and the conformity certification mark will evoke increased health concerns among public and private stakeholders. , safety, environmental protection basic requirements, encourage manufacturers inside and outside Europe to comply with EU laws. Safety and environmental protection are two of the most important principles for European manufacturers. The European Council for the Cooperation of Machine Tools promotes the use of modern and efficient machine tools that are highly safe and environmentally friendly in accordance with European standards. This guideline not only informs stakeholders of the basic requirements, but also provides practical guidance. The European Council for the Cooperation of Machine Tools has prepared a quick reference table that conforms to the provisions of the Community to assist in the approval of machines, and the approved machines will be affixed to the European harmonized certificate of conformity.
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