European machine tool industry pays attention to comprehensive layout

by:Gewinn     2022-05-03
German machine tools are undoubtedly the most typical representatives of European machine tools. In addition to Germany, Europe actually has a machine tool cluster, that is, Italy, Spain, and the Czech Republic in Eastern Europe. Germany and Italy are the most important machine tool producers in the European Union. Germany's machine tool output value accounts for roughly 40% of the European machine tool output value. The following are Italy's 23%, Switzerland's 12%, and Spain's 5%. Giancarlo Losma, chairman of the Italian Machine Tool, Robotics and Automation Manufacturers Association (UCIMU-SISTEMIPERPRODURRE), said recently that since 2010, China has become Italy's largest export destination country, surpassing the former Germany. Due to the strong demonstration effect of the Chinese market, some manufacturers of customized and high-end machine tools have begun to follow the footsteps of the forerunners to enter the Chinese market. By now, the top machine tool companies in Italy have basically come to China. Losma also talked about two 20%. One is that the output value of Italy's machine tool industry is expected to increase by 20% in 2011, and the other is that Italy's machine tool exports to China are expected to increase by 20% this year. Igonacio, general manager of the Spanish Nicolas Crea Group, said that the Chinese branch is the only branch of the company in the world. As the sales champion of large and medium-sized milling machines and machining center products in Europe, 2010 is the fifth year for Nicholas Crea machine tools to enter the Chinese market, and the sales volume of products has exceeded 100 units. At the end of last year, Nicholas, who built a factory in Kunming, went to the neighboring province of Fujian to produce products, and quickly won orders from many companies such as Weifeng Precision Machine Tool and Chenggong Machine Tool. At the 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2011), the Czech Republic organized a joint meeting of more than ten machine tool companies. A manufacturer of turning tools said that there are currently 4 agents in China, and they will cover the most important sales areas in China in the next two years. In comparison, the Czech Doss Machine Tool Company has obviously entered the Chinese market more deeply. In 2005, they established a joint venture with Kunming Machine Tool Company and have sold 100 machine tools so far. According to the person in charge of Dawes's newly established sales headquarters in Shanghai, the Shanghai sales headquarters plans to sell 20 original machine tools this year, and seven or eight machines have been sold from January to April. If the plan can be completed, then this sales performance will be called a miracle, because Dawes sold only 50 original machine tools in China during 10 years from 1995 to 2005.
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