European machine tool manufacturers continue to be optimistic about the Chinese market

by:Gewinn     2022-05-03
At the European Machine Tool Exhibition (EMO), which ended in September, we can deeply feel the importance that European machine tool manufacturers attach to the Chinese market. First, at the press conference of the opening ceremony on September 16, Martin Karp, president of the European Machine Tool Association, spent nearly one-third of his time introducing the Chinese market. Report. Second, on September 17, the China Machine Tool Industry Association held a press conference at the EMO site. In addition to promoting the Chinese exhibition, Chen Huiren, the executive vice chairman of the association, also introduced the situation of the Chinese machine tool market. The Europeans and Americans stood and listened to the introduction. According to analysis, significant changes have taken place in China's machine tool market today, and its outstanding features are manifested in two aspects, namely, the obvious reduction of the total demand and the accelerated upgrading of the demand structure. According to statistics, from January to September this year, China imported a total of 7.97 billion US dollars of metal processing machine tools, a year-on-year decrease of 24.1%, reflecting the sluggish demand for China's machine tool market. At the same time, the number of high-end machine tools exported to China from Germany, Italy, and the United States in the first half of the year maintained a relatively large increase. This explains why European machine tool manufacturers attach so much importance to the Chinese market. At present, China is Germany's most important export destination, accounting for about 30% in 2012. At the press conference of the opening ceremony of EMO, Martin Karp, president of the European Machine Tool Association, analyzed in the report that Chinese machine tool manufacturers will still mainly face the Chinese market, and their technical bottlenecks are reflected in innovation, talents and key components. As a result, he predicts that Chinese machine tool makers will prioritize cost cutting, productivity improvements and technology upgrades. And it comprehensively analyzes the current situation of China and its competitors from multiple dimensions such as technology, Ru0026D, assembly, sales and service, and internationalization. Martin Karp analyzed that technological upgrading is highly valued by Chinese companies and is used as a strategy to compete with major foreign competitors. The technological gap between Chinese companies and foreign competitors will gradually decrease, especially lathes, but the gap in the field of machining centers will still be great. Martin Karp introduced the Chinese government's industrial policy to the machine tool industry to European companies. At present, the Chinese government strongly supports the sustainable development strategy and has issued relevant policies and guidelines aimed at guiding the development of the machine tool industry. The report notes that in recent years, the Chinese government has issued a series of relevant policies and guidelines to support the machine tool industry. The 12th Five-Year Plan for the machine tool industry focuses on transforming China from a mass-producing country to a high-tech production country. country. Martin Karp also mentioned that the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) between mainland China and Taiwan has consolidated the competitiveness of Taiwanese manufacturers in the Chinese machine tool market, especially in the low and mid-end market and accessories market. On the basis of research on the Chinese market, the German industry has put forward a call to action aimed at optimizing services, localized Ru0026D and application support.
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