European machine tool trade slows in the first half of 2013

by:Gewinn     2022-06-06
In the first half of 2013, the machine tool exports of the European Machine Tool Industry Federation to Arab countries and non-Federation member countries increased significantly, and the growth rate of exports to Asia and the United States slowed down. Machine tool exports from the 15 member states amounted to 4.61 billion euros, the same as the same period in 2012. Among them, exports to Asia increased by 4% to 1.34 billion euros, accounting for 29% from 28% in the same period of the previous year; exports to the United States increased by 5%, totaling 760 million euros, and the proportion also increased by 1 point to 17% %; exports to Europe were 1.95 billion euros, a decrease of 7%, and the proportion dropped from 45% to 42%, and exports to non-European Machine Tool Industry Federation member countries increased by 10% to 400 million euros; exports to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States It increased by 1% to 320 million euros, accounting for 7%. Affected by the economic situation, the demand for machine tools in the member countries of the European Machine Tool Industry Federation has decreased. In the first half of the year, the total import of machine tools was 1.92 billion euros, down 9% year-on-year, and imports from Asia, the Americas and Europe were all decreasing. Among them, imports from Asia were 510 million US dollars, a decrease of 14%, and the proportion decreased by 1 point, which was 27%; imports from the Americas were 81.21 million US dollars, a decrease of 24%, and the proportion fell to 4%; imports from Europe were 1.31 billion euros, a decrease of 4%. 6%, the proportion increased from 66% to 68%, and imports of machine tools from non-member countries increased by 4% to 52.38 million euros; imports from Russia and the CIS decreased by 6%. In September 2013, the machine tool index increased by 13%, an increase of 23 points from the previous month, reaching 197. The market value of machine tool companies increased in all regions except Europe. Despite the change in the market value of European companies, the market remains optimistic for now. The MT-IX index is based on the market value of 23 leading and listed machine tool manufacturers in the world. The market value of these companies is weighted according to the proportion of machine tool turnover in total revenue. The calculated total market value can also evaluate the global market value of European companies. Share of total output (2005u003d100).
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