evergreen line construction hit by delays

by:Gewinn     2019-08-12
B. C.
China\'s Ministry of Transport said the Evergreen Line would be completed in the fall of 2016, although one of the machines that dug underground tunnels has been idle since.
For the past six months, this boring machine has been stuck in the same position under Clark Road and Seaview Avenue and is undergoing maintenance
Because the crew cannot stop the water and sand from entering the knife head of the machine.
The department said in a statement that the maintenance work has been completed, that the works will be restarted soon and that the project contractor grt will be responsible for $1.
Project 4 billion.
\"These challenges slow down the progress of the project, which is scheduled to be completed sometime in the fall of 2016,\" the statement said . \".
\"Despite the delay, the contract language is clear: EGRTis is always ready to meet any challenges that may arise and will cover all costs associated with the work.
The government will continue to honor their agreement.
\"Evergreenline will connect bennaby, Port Moody\'s and Coquelin and will be fully integrated into the existing system to connect directly to the Millennium Line at the Lougheed Town Centre station.
The tunnel itself will be two kilometres long, extending east from the Barnet Highway at Port Moody to the south of Kemsley Ave. in Coquitlam.
The department said that the Changrong line project has been completed by 70, however, the rig still needs to go through about half of the planned underground route.
In the past year, the construction of new lines has caused some accidents.
Recently, a four-way hole in the line has led to a major road ban.
On March 2014, a large concrete track was transferred, causing serious traffic disruption.
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