evergreen line skytrain tunnel construction begins

by:Gewinn     2019-08-12
B. C.
Prime minister Christy Clark announced the start of construction on the evergreen SkyRail line leading to Gao Guilin and named \"alice\" after Canada\'s first female geologists \".
\"With today\'s baptism, we can start building the longest fast transit system in Canada,\" Clark said . \".
\"We are committed to opening this line during the 2016 summer.
\"The Changrong tunnel will be two kilometers long, extending east from the Barnet Highway in Port Moody to the south of Kemsley Ave. in Coquitlam.
Clark said the machine will drill a tunnel in one direction instead of two directions, thus reducing construction progress.
Traffic will not be disturbed.
The Changrong line will connect benabi, Port Moody\'s and Coquelin and will be fully integrated into the existing system to connect directly to the Millennium Line at the Lougheed Town Centre station.
The total cost of evergreen lines is $1. 43 billion.
Shared by the government of Canada, the Government of BC and TransLink.
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