Expounds the four maintenance of second-hand woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
Chinese woodworking machinery has been established from the research, development, production and sales of a complete system, provide material, adhesive for wood processing industry bedplate, chipboard, medium density fiberboard, architectural decoration, furniture of complete sets of processing equipment more than 1100 kinds of woodworking machinery products, the 69 categories. At present, the annual production of woodworking machinery has already reached 10 billion yuan, every year there are part of the woodworking machinery equipment sold to the United States, Russia and some countries in Africa.

and second-hand woodworking machinery due to have more advantages in price, because this is in the development of the market situation is relatively good, but the second-hand woodworking machinery there are quality problems, however, mainly to do a good job of maintenance, second-hand woodworking machinery can also has the high quality and technology, how to maintain? Please see the following specific content:

a prediction, scientific power electrical machine:

reasonable allocation meters capacity. Furniture manufacturers in new machinery and equipment must be recalculated after the enterprise, the power consumption of the total capacity of the original electric capacity not enough must be expanded, and can't wait until there is something wrong with the machine capacity. Optical devices do not increase power capacity, is buried under the appliance of disaster risk hidden trouble.

2, regular check appliances line:

to replace the old line not enough cable sectional area and ensure that the needs of the mechanical electrical appliances. Summer, air conditioning, electric fan, such as civil consumes a lot of, is bound to produce the phenomenon of insufficient voltage, affect the operation of woodworking machinery appliances. Under the condition of the regional voltage stability and voltage instability inside the unit can consider replacement cable; In the case of regional voltage instability to consider expansion and replace the cable.

3, reasonable use of electricity:

the electricity power of the second-hand woodworking machinery have greatly small, to reasonable collocation in furniture production machinery of power sizes, keep the relative balance of mechanical electricity power per unit time.

4, with full-time or part-time appliance maintenance personnel

for woodworking machinery electrical maintenance on a regular basis. Woodworking machinery electric equipment for maintenance personnel professional level the demand is higher, on general electric appliance factory is difficult, we still have some difficulties in mechanical electrical maintenance.
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