German blue flag relies on nano ball coating to create a new generation of special hob coating

by:Gewinn     2022-05-19
Experts at FETTE, a German company, have developed a new coating, Nanospheres, which is specially tailored for gear machining tasks. According to the company's disclosure to Adsale China Machinery and Metalworking Network reporters, the coating is a dedicated hob coating, which has a multilayer structure composed of nano-layers with a thickness of only 3-4 microns. High hardness, but micro-elasticity, can effectively protect the hob and reduce wear. It can increase cutting speed, shorten cycle time, improve production efficiency; and can extend tool life by up to 30%, thereby reducing hob costs. The secret of the innovative nanosphere coating lies in its multi-layered, nanostructured design, which effectively improves the thermal insulation of the tool. At the same time, the multilayer structure of the nanosphere coating makes it more elastic than the single-layer coating. When the substrate loses its stability and yields under pressure, the flexible multilayer coating on top of it also yields. The company also emphasizes that it guarantees that regrind and overcoated hobs with nanosphere coating will continue to work to the same standards as new tools. This is a standardization-based process. The tools are reground and overcoated on the original grinding machines and coating equipment of the Fetter Grinding Center, a process that guarantees consistently high quality and absolute process safety. And if cracks appear in the nanosphere coating, their propagation is redirected and slowed down by the multilayer structure. Its multi-layer construction also provides better thermal insulation, which means that the high temperatures created during the hobbing process take longer to warm up the steel tool. According to the information learned by Adsale China Machinery and Metal Processing Network, Nanjing Lanzhi Metal Processing Technology Co., Ltd., as a wholly-owned subsidiary of German Lanzhi Group in China, has invested and established a grinding center that meets the above standards. It includes Swiss-made coating equipment, de-coating devices and testing instruments.
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