German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits TRUMPF headquarters

by:Gewinn     2022-05-22
It is reported that recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the headquarter of TRUMPF in Ditzingen, a leader in machine tool and laser manufacturing. Through the visit and face-to-face communication with management and employees, Chancellor Merkel deeply Understand the development status and market conditions of TRUMPF. It is understood that during the visit, the management of TRUMPF introduced to Chancellor Merkel the production line of TRUMPF CO2 lasers, laser punching compound machines, and TRUMPF's exhibition center. Merkel listened to the development history of the TRUMPF family business with great interest, and had a pleasant exchange and communication with TRUMPF employees. Technological innovation is one of the corporate development strategies that TRUMPF has always adhered to. TRUMPF invests 8%-10% of its total sales in technology research and development every year. 'In order to keep our technology ahead of other competitors, high expenditures and high investments are necessary,' said Nikolai Leibinger Kamler, Chairman of the Board of TRUMPF. Peter Leibinger, Vice President of TRUMPF Germany and Director of the Laser Division, explained to German Chancellor Angela Merkel how CO2 lasers work. In the exchange with Chancellor Merkel, Ms. Nikolay also put forward suggestions to further strengthen the competitiveness of German export enterprises: 'We need to ensure price advantages so that we will not be at a disadvantage in international competition. It is possible to establish a more complete infrastructure, whether in terms of transportation or data network. I hope that the government will adopt the necessary incentive policies at the legislative stage to enhance the competitiveness of German export enterprises.” Subsequently, Chancellor Merkel also participated in The discussion was chaired by Ms. Nicola, Chairman of the Board of TRUMPF, and discussed with 230 TRUMPF employees including the debt crisis in the euro area and its impact on German export companies, vocational training, skills development and the views of the younger generation, etc. a series of questions. Through face-to-face communication and discussions, Merkel gained a deeper understanding of TRUMPF and spoke highly of TRUMPF's sustainable development. Merkel said that in the future, the government will continue to support the development of high-tech industries and be a strong backing for enterprises.
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