German die-casting molds lead China for five years

by:Gewinn     2022-05-22
Germany has always been known for its superb processing skills and the production of precision machinery and tools, and its mold industry also fully reflects this feature. It is reported that there are currently about 5,000 mold companies in Germany. Among them, there are 90 (VDMA) member mold companies, and the output value of these 90 key mold companies accounts for 90% of the German mold output value. Most of them have bases in China. Due to the complex industrial field of mold, German mold manufacturers have formed a consensus after years of practice and exploration, that is: the entire industry must be coordinated, work together, jointly tap development potential, jointly carry forward the spirit of innovation, common technological progress, and learn from each other's strengths. Only by giving full play to the overall advantages can the industry achieve success and promote its industry to develop better and faster. Aoli Machine Tool Network said that the future goal of the German mold industry is to strive to build the world's mold leader. With the many advantages of the German mold industry and its unremitting efforts, I believe it will achieve this goal. Germany's die-casting mold industry has always been at the leading level in the world. In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of new products today, not only large companies have established new development centers in Germany, but many small and medium-sized enterprises have also done the same, taking the initiative to do research and development work for customers. In terms of research, Germany has always been very active and has become an important foundation for its unbeaten position in the international market. In the fierce competition, the German die-casting mold industry has maintained a strong position in the international market for many years. Expert analysis said that with the continuous development of informatization and economic globalization, the development trend of my country's die-casting mold industry is mainly towards the large-scale, sophisticated, complex and economical development of products. With the continuous improvement of the quality of die-casting mold products, the development direction of the die-casting mold industry has also changed, and it has continued to develop towards informatization, digitization, no graphics, refinement and automation. Die-casting mold enterprises are developing towards technology integration, sophisticated equipment, product branding, management informatization, and international operation. 'After the efforts of the 'Eleventh Five-Year', the development level of my country's die-casting mold industry has entered the advanced level in Asia. During the 'Twelfth Five-Year' period, with the continuous inclination of national policies, the development level of my country's die-casting industry has been significantly improved. Through the die-casting mold With the development of the industry itself, I believe that after three to five years of hard work, the level of my country's die-casting mold industry will reach the international advanced level.' Luo Baihui believes that by then, my country will not only become a big die-casting die production country, but also a die-casting die powerhouse.
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