German forging and pressing machine tool companies have joined forces to enhance their competitiveness in the international market

by:Gewinn     2022-05-19
After years of development, German forging machinery manufacturers have merged and reorganized, and implemented strong alliances to give full play to their respective advantages and further enhance their competitiveness in the international market. Germany is an old industrial powerhouse, and Germany has many advantageous enterprises in the machine tool industry. It has a complete range of forging machines, and basically every forging equipment has products that represent the most advanced level in the world, which also makes the international market economy of German machine tool companies strong. According to the statistics of the German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association in 2010, CNC machine tools accounted for 50% of German metal forming machine tools, and the proportion of various forging machines was: forging hammers and forging presses accounted for 14.3%, bending machines, plate rolling machines and Leveling machines accounted for 18.4%, shearing, chamfering and blanking machine tools accounted for 16.3%, other presses accounted for 27.7%, and other metal forming machine tools accounted for 23.2%. In 2010, the export trade volume of the German machine tool industry was 5.075 billion euros, of which the trade volume exported to China was 1.566 billion euros, accounting for 30.85% of Germany's total export sales. In the first half of 2010, among the machine tools and equipment exported from Germany to China, the trade volume of forging presses and forging hammers was 56.7 million euros, the trade volume of punching machines was 40 million euros, and the trade volume of bending machines, plate rolling machines and leveling machines was 56.7 million euros. 32.5 million euros, and the trade volume of laser processing machines and other physical and chemical processing machines was 32.5 million euros, indicating that China has become the largest exporter of German forging machine tools.
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