German Hammer Machine Tool sets green manufacturing as one of its own work standards

by:Gewinn     2022-05-22
In order to achieve green manufacturing, Hammer has always made energy recovery and regeneration its own work for more than two decades, from the development stage to low-energy manufacturing (most of the production tasks are done in-house) to CNC machine tools one of the standards. In order to achieve an efficient production process, 'we use mineral cast stone technology and light-weight construction for low-energy parts manufacturing; virtual machine tool optimization / machine tool development; in order to reduce transportation energy consumption, the self-produced part accounts for the vast majority, and only one The production site uses local suppliers of accessories and materials. A large number of high-quality and high-efficiency parts have also been developed, such as screw drives, guide rails, ball bearings, etc.,” said Mr. Ke Hao. In order to achieve an efficient operating process, Hammer's machining centers are energy efficient, not only in terms of production, but also in operation. They have developed high-quality servo motor drive shafts; optimized drive technology, which can be customized for various applications; optimized cooling technology in terms of size and application itself; Hammer's energy reduction system can maximize the 80% of the energy consumption is switched to standby mode, and the machine tool life is extremely long. “We focus on green and sustainable development, not because they are trendy in the industry or a big slogan, but because we really want to reduce energy consumption.” “We call smart production i-processing or i-machining. Smart The key lies in the controller and the software, not the machine. The problem now is: it is the operators who use these smart devices and they need to use as little coolant and lubricant as possible. They are also the key to saving energy and reducing scrap .They need to reduce the use of unnecessary tools as much as possible, and use the tools correctly to prolong the life of the tools. Therefore, to achieve intelligent production, operators must be trained. Some operators in China are indeed good and well trained, but because of different Companies have different requirements for operator training, so some operators are not very satisfactory. But the good news is: Chinese users are very welcome to the operator training we provide. After purchasing the machine, they are very willing to accept it Our training.' So green and smart should be vigorously promoted by the entire industry (suppliers and users together). 'What we need is a real smart application, not just a slogan. In fact, this trend is an eternal theme. When we look back 10 years ago, the machine tools were different, the processes were different, but the needs of the users were the same - all high-tech , high intelligence. Only intelligence can cope with the emerging new challenges and help us develop better.” When the reporter asked: This year is a critical moment for China’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, what is the impact of this plan on the industry and enterprises? When looking at the development opportunities and how to formulate short-term or long-term plans to fit them, Mr. Ke Hao said: 'Hammer has been in China for a long time, so we have become accustomed to China's five-year plan. Since our important industry users in China will meet Following the guidelines of the government's five-year plan (such as investing in the first year, formulating a plan and budget in the second year, and working hard to implement it in the next few years), then we naturally need to formulate our short-term plan accordingly to meet the current needs of these users. their actual needs. And our long-term plan is for their future needs - our universal and flexible concept for high-precision five-axis machining can meet almost all needs in the current market. At the same time, we have also been closely Pay attention to market demand, so that it is possible to always maintain the pace of leadership. After all, leading now does not mean leading all the time!' The European Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (CECIMO) recently introduced a project for its members - the European Sustainability Initiative, To establish 'sustainability' standards and certifications. In this regard, Mr. Ke Hao believes that the association has made a very forward-looking and great move, because this will definitely provide a fairer Ru0026D environment for all members of the association, and will make everyone's production costs more similar in the future.
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