German Industry 4.0: Digitalization of the economy Smart and flexible production processes

by:Gewinn     2022-05-22
'Industry 4.0' is achieved if the part itself can interact with production equipment, or if the part can repair itself when it needs to be repaired, and when people, machines and industrial production processes can be intelligently networked. The German Ministry of Economic Affairs is working to help the business world take advantage of the potential advantages of the digital economy revolution to boost economic prosperity and improve the quality of life for all. Smart and flexible production processes 'Industry 4.0' systematically integrates state-of-the-art information and communication technologies with manufacturing. This clever trick makes it possible to meet the individual needs of customers by customizing products under the premise of low cost and high quality. The 'Industry 4.0' factory has the following characteristics: intelligent machines automatically coordinate the production process; intelligent service robots cooperate with workers to assemble products; intelligent (wireless) transportation tools automatically complete logistics. 'Industry 4.0' defines the entire life cycle of a product: from conceptual design to application development, manufacturing, use and maintenance, and finally recycling. A “smart factory” will integrate production and logistics processes between different factories to optimize logistics procedures for raw materials, detect potential problems at an early stage, and be able to respond flexibly to changing customer needs and market conditions. The physical components of industrial production, such as machine tools, are being transformed into cyber-physical systems (CPS) through intelligence and digital networking, and they will become an essential element of the smart factory of the future. The cost and emission standards will be equivalent to the same series of products. A central task for society and the government The German government wants to use the huge potential of digital commerce and 'Industry 4.0' to reinforce the cornerstone of Made in Germany. In Germany, around 15 million jobs are directly or indirectly dependent on the real productive sector. Smart and digitized production processes will provide more critical business opportunities for SMEs in particular. 'Industry 4.0' is the central focus of the German federal government's digital agenda. In the two funding programmes 'AutonomicsforIndustrie4.0' and 'SmartServiceWorld'Industry 4.0' platform: The launch of 'Industry 4.0' at the Hannover Messe offers Germany an important opportunity to supply the global industrial market, if business, science, government and society can actively shape the digital revolution together Can improve the well-being of all mankind. And 'Industry 4.0' will likely provide a new platform. Under the leadership of the German Minister of Economic Affairs Gabriel and the German Minister of Research Wanka (Wanka), the previous business alliance platform has been Expanded to now include representatives of government, chambers of commerce (VDMA, ZVEI, BITKOM, BDI, VDA, BDEW), trade unions (IGMetall) and representatives of the scientific community (Fraunhofer Society) On 4 April 2015 At the Hannover Messe, the future-oriented achievements created by the platform of the business associations, such as prospects, goals and agendas, are presented accordingly with specific dates. At the end of 2015, the results of the working group were also presented at the IT Summit The platform is managed by Sigmar Gabriel, the German Minister of Economic Affairs, and Johanna Wanka, the German Minister of Research, as well as representatives from the business, scientific and trade unions. The representatives of the federal states will form a strategic group, which will be engaged in the relevant political management work and play the role of efficiency multiplier. At the same time, a steering committee will be formed with the heads of enterprises and working groups, in cooperation with the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Research. Collaborate as a decision-making body responsible for tasks related to strategic development, technical coordination and technical implementation. New business models and ever-changing working models 'Industry 4.0' will revolutionize the industrial value chain: completely new business models will emerge. Working models will be driven by ' Industry 4.0” and the digitalization of the economy have brought about significant changes. “Industry 4.0” can open up completely new innovation spaces for employees and requires well-trained employees with the right skills. Likely: Labour organization issues, job design issues, health and safety issues at work, data protection issues, and skills development issues. Using standards to create transparent and open processes The close integration of technology and manufacturing requires networking of data and information, And have certain interactive capabilities, which means that unified standards are the key to 'Industry 4.0'. The development and definition of unified standards is not only for The future of specific sectors of German industry, such as mechanical engineering and automation technology, is crucial; but also for the shaping of 'Industry 4.0' and even for the German economy as a whole. Which of the strong German industries that are currently in the leading position in the world must face up to the digital challenges of 'Industry 4.0' when it comes to matters related to equipment factories, and at the same time, avoid technological and commercial dependencies arising from fair and open competition. On February 19, 2015, a seminar co-hosted by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and the German Commission for Electrical, Electronics and Information Technology (DKE) showed that consensus-based standards and fair, transparent and open procedures are essential for future development , at least to prevent an excessive concentration of market power in the context of a particular stakeholder.
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