German machine tools encounter difficulties in China, EMAG faces new challenges

by:Gewinn     2022-05-21
The EMAG Jintan factory is a replica of the German headquarters. The huge production workshop, except for a few Korean machine tools used to make low-end components, all other machine tools are produced in Europe. A Chinese powder spraying equipment is probably the only Chinese symbol here, but due to design flaws, it is still being debugged and improved. 'We also want to give Chinese products a chance, but there is no way, we have to guarantee German quality!' said Dirk Haumann. Dirk Haumann, who just took office, tried to make it a pure German company, but he may not have thought that the troublesome dusting equipment is just the beginning of the challenge... Why do lean production? In fact, since Jiangsu Jinsheng spent 100 million euros to acquire a 50% stake in EMAG in 2010, EMAG is no longer a German company. The relatively open attitude towards capital has changed EMAG's investment style that has always been cautious in the Chinese market. In 2011, in the darkest period of China's machine tool industry, EMAG invested 4.9 billion yuan in a 'big bet' on the Chinese market! No one knows how much historical opportunity China's fast-growing car and high-speed rail market will bring to EMAG, but in the eyes of 79-year-old EMAG Chairman Norbert Hessbrueggen (Nobelt Hans), it is possible to build in China. A perfect German factory may have been his last wish before retirement. During the construction period of more than two years, people have been thinking about whether the third largest machine tool giant in Europe can really gain a firm foothold in China by leveraging Jinsheng. It still maintains the typical German style, and there is no trace of Jin Sheng at all. 'Jinsheng and EMAG are more of a capital-level cooperation.' Dirk Haumann explained, which is why he has always called the Jintan factory a German company, because everything here will operate according to the German model. It can be seen from Dirk Haumann's happy expression that the German side is willing to stick to its own habits, but now, this company, which has always been famous for helping 'mass productionWith the annual growth of more than 25% in China's auto industry in the past few years, EMAG has quickly come to the forefront of its peers with its innovative inverted lathe (VSC). This kind of machine tool that relies on the spindle to continuously grasp the workpiece for continuous processing can be perfectly automated without the need for additional loading devices. It can ensure that customers can process high-precision parts while achieving medium-volume or even large-volume product processing. Fast production. With this advantage, EMAG's inverted lathes have won orders from Baosteel, SAIC, Weichai, CSR and other customers in one fell swoop. Among the inverted lathes sold in Germany to China, 75% are from EMAG. However, after the rapid growth of China's auto industry for several years, more and more consumers began to prefer to buy cars with better performance. In addition to technical upgrades, a large number of automakers began to learn Toyota's 'lean production.'
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