GF AgieCharmilles: Boosting productivity in machining centres

by:Gewinn     2022-06-03
Although it is said that for a factory or workshop, the improvement of production efficiency is a systematic project, not as simple as improving the efficiency of a single piece of equipment. However, key equipment such as machining centers usually undertake the main processing tasks in the workshop, because they are relatively expensive, have relatively few quantities, and often have a heavy load, becoming a 'bottleneck' in the entire production chain. Improving the production efficiency of these 'bottlenecks' can effectively improve the production efficiency of the entire workshop. Taking MIKRON HPM 600 HD from GF AgieCharmilles in Switzerland as an example, it can save processing time, improve processing efficiency and reduce production costs in the following links. Reduced production interruptions: The MIKRON HPM 600 HD has a variety of automation options and its MIKRON pallet magazine can be connected to robots from several well-known manufacturers. Optional automation solutions from MIKRON enable the machine to perform 24-hour continuous machining. This configuration results in a significant reduction in production downtime, thereby increasing input-output ratios. Extremely short tool change times: thanks to the dual-arm tool changer, the MIKRON HPM 600 HD tool change time can be reduced to 1 second. And provide customers with two choices of integrated tool magazines: standard 30 tool magazines and extended 60 tool magazines. Full cost to the user: The latest Step-Tec inline motor spindles with speeds ranging from 15,000 rpm to 20,000 rpm are popular for their easy-to-maintain design. An inline motor spindle means that the drive module and spindle module are separate accessory assemblies. As a result, the spindle module can be replaced individually and cost-effectively, without the drive module being affected. Continuous oil mist cooling of the composite ceramic bearing ensures the longevity of the spindle module. Easy to learn operation: Two waist-high lightweight doors can be easily opened by the operator, allowing free access to the work area. The entire process can be clearly observed through large glass windows. Perfect accessibility is achieved irrespective of the options the MIKRON HPM is equipped with. Using the 'Smart Machining' module on the new HPM 600 HD allows operators to easily and effectively control machining accuracy, cost-effectiveness and workflow. In a word, the efficiency improvement of the machining center is mainly due to the machining time and auxiliary time. The machining time is determined by factors such as the machining path, tool performance, machine tool spindle performance, and dynamic performance of the feed axis. In terms of auxiliary time, An automated system would be a good solution. All along, GF AgieCharmilles engineers have invested a lot of energy and time in the above two aspects, in order to provide our customers with the most cost-effective products.
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