Gleason's new optimized profile honing wheel reduces time by 50%

by:Gewinn     2022-05-04
Gleason recently introduced a new Opti-Form (Optimized Tooth Profile) series of honing wheels that reduces initial dressing time by up to 50%, while also extending the life of honing wheels and dressing gears. Ordinary honing wheels require a slow, long and tedious initial dressing in order to obtain a precise tooth profile, which can take up to 45 minutes, during which time the machine is not producing product. But with the new Gleason Opti-Form™ honing wheel, users can reduce this process time by 50 percent because Gleason-Hulter hones the wheel before delivery to the user. After trimming, the qualified tooth shape, tooth drum shape and radial runout were repaired. Therefore, the user only needs to perform a small amount of trimming after getting the honing wheel, which can improve the production efficiency and the initial precision of the honing wheel, and increase the usable diameter of the honing wheel and prolong the life of the tool. In addition, the initial dressing of expensive diamond dressing gears is reduced and tool life is extended. Gleason's Opti-Form™ series of honing wheels can also be designed as multi-purpose. The honing wheels have external diameters from 270 mm to 400 mm, maximum widths of 60 mm, and modules ranging from 0.8 to 5 mm. They are available in different materials to suit the needs of different applications. This honing wheel can be used on both modern Gleason gear honing machines as well as non-Gleason gear honing machines. This new Opti-Form™ honing wheel is just one of many Gleason gear finishing tools that are now widely used in various industries. Gleason is a global leader in gear honing, with a full line of gear honing machines, trimming tools and honing wheels utilizing Spherical® honing technology. The company's newly developed 150SPH gear honing machine has made remarkable progress in reducing machining time and tool cost. Gleason's purpose is to become the gear total solution expert for global users. The company is a global leader in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of gear manufacturing machine tools and related equipment. The equipment produced has been widely used in automobiles, trucks, aircraft, agricultural machinery, mining, wind power generation, construction, power tools and shipbuilding, etc. each field. Gleason has locations in Rochester, New York; Rockford, Illinois; Dayton, Ohio; Plymouth, UK; Munich and Ludwigsburg, Germany; Stoughton, Switzerland; Bangalore, India and Suzhou, China, and other places have built manufacturing bases, and have sales and service offices in North and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
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