Gleason to hold gear solutions seminar in Germany

by:Gewinn     2022-05-04
From June 9th to 11th in Ludwigsburg, Germany, Gleason, a world-renowned manufacturer of gear manufacturing machinery and related equipment, will hold the '2010 Gleason Gear Solutions SeminarDiscuss the research and development concepts and practical application cases of its gear products, as well as the most cutting-edge development trends. As a provider of total gear solutions, Gleason will showcase the most technologically advanced product range ever in the gear processing industry. The company has vacated a comprehensive showroom and has prepared 17 different mechanical modules for live demonstrations covering almost all major gear machining methods. Gleason told Adsale Machinery and Metalworking Network that the forum will invite business leaders, production managers, purchasing managers, engineers, technicians, and actual operators to participate. This choice is made because Gleason It is believed that it will be very useful for them to understand these cutting-edge technology application trends for them to make relevant decisions in the coming months. In addition, Gleason's experts will provide targeted technical consultation and process optimization proposals, focusing on individual customers and their specific workpiece task requirements, which fully reflects Gleason's historical style - focusing on improving the competitiveness of customers. The three-day seminar will focus on one prominent topic each day: June 9, efficient machining of automotive gears; June 10, high-productivity machining of large gears; June 11, bevel gear machining and gear measurement . In response to this, Gleason invited well-known speakers in the industry to give interesting speeches.
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