Glue machine, plywood plate automatic glue machine, glue machine, high efficiency glue machine

by:Gewinn     2020-09-23
Glue machine, plate automatic glue machine, plywood glue machine, high efficiency coating machine
coating machine has simple operation, easy maintenance, easy maintenance, continuous production, high efficiency and uniform coating, etc. Is pooly plate factory, furniture factory and enterprise composite rock wool board, calcium silicate board, plate, such as building materials machinery factory ideal production equipment
active roller, driven roller respectively by bearing support on the frame, one end of the drive roll through the transmission and motor connection, driveshaft arrangement under the active roller, driven roll and active roll axial parallel to each other, in the front of the active roller set the glue tank, relatively active roll on the glue tank connection scraper. Into a network of semi-finished products from active roller, driven roller between level, work by the glue tank upside down on the top of the semi-finished products, scraper and active on the surface of the roller spacing is to control the proper amount of glue, after driving roller, driven roll extrusion, work by a penetration throughout, and the other side or without glue, or only a small amount of glue, to realize single glue.
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