Glue machine use of second-hand woodworking machinery should pay attention to what issues

by:Gewinn     2020-09-28
Coating machine is also common woodworking machinery, then, use glue machine to pay more attention to what matters?

a, because polyurethane glass glue to absorb the moisture in the air after crosslinking curing reaction will happen, so good air tightness must ensure that the glue system.

2, often should check the pressure plate sealing ring, change in time appear crack and deformation of the pressure plate sealing ring.

3, ensure the pressure plate into the pores in the open state, to avoid replacing rubber barrel caused by vacuum plastic barrels of deformation and the occurrence of equipment damage, and so on and so forth; At the same time, is advantageous to the row of net new air in the plastic bucket, prevent because of the new plastic barrel inside colloid solidification equipment and jams.

4, prevent the plastic barrels produced in the process of handling large deformation, to ensure that the pressure plate coating machine is not damaged.

5, should be in glass glue machine increase gas inlet air filter, prevent water vapor into the glue machine in compressed air cylinder cylinder lubrication system, resulting in cylinder damage cause equipment damage.

6, regularly check the glue machine under the pump cylinder sealing element, prevent sealant leakage caused by the wear and tear or air into the glue machine pipeline system and cause the clogging in glass glue curing and piping system.

7, regular inspection system with electric heating glass glue machine lines, prevent safety accidents caused by line wear cause leakage.

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